Sunday, May 21, 2006

WesternGrit Seeks Out True National Leaders...

I had the opportunity to meet Gerard Kennedy and his sisters in Edmonton a few weeks ago. Seemed like a nice guy. His youth appealed to me. So did the zeal of his entourage. I listened to him speak, and had the opportunity to ask him (and other leadership contenders) several questions (the LPCA AGM was a very good opportunity for delegates-to-be to speak with leadership hopefuls).

I was hoping to hear Mr. Kennedy speak in our 2nd national language. I feel that a Prime Minister must have impeccable skill in speaking BOTH national languages. This is even more important for a Liberal PM. I hear that Gerard is going to Quebec for a couple of months this summer "to meet the people". I would like someone - anyone informed - to tell me if he is going to Quebec to improve his French skills... Anyone?

I will not support a leadership candidate who is not fluent in both our national languages. So far I understand that Dryden, Dion, Ignatieff, and Brison are all fluent (please forgive me if I've missed anyone). I like things that each of these candidates present. I must also say that Gerard seems like a decent guy... I just need to know if he speaks immaculate "Quebec French" to have him count on my "French speaking candidates" list.

So... someone... anyone... please let me know...

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