Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to all the members of the great political institution that created this flag. In the weeks, months, and years ahead WesternGrit urges fellow Liberals to remember this flag and what it stands for. Remember how we fought to adopt this symbol of our great nation. Remember those who stood in our way are the very same foes who hold our nation back from advancement now... Conservatives - those whose very name stands for "resistance to change"; those who dislike anything "different". Remember the Canada we love - let's ensure it carries on. Happy Canada Day!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Conservative Opinion Of Our Parliamentary System? Check The Hand-Gestures

School was supposed to be out for Summer. Canadians learned this week just how the neo-Cons feel about our Parliamentary system. Conservative MPs flipped Opposition parties the bird, insulted and mocked the Speaker, and used foul language - audibly.

While some shenanigans are a "normal" part of Parliament, MPs are always expected to apologize for them, and to show respect for the institution. In this case the institution itself was attacked. When things have crossed the line in the past, a PM or party whip would step in to elicit the required apology... not this time. Stephen Harper is too busy keeping his firm line of censorship on his extreme right wing to really worry about his buffoons.

We all know how much respect Reform-a-Torys have for the institution of Parliament. These are the same folks who openly showed contempt and hatred for Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa for years. These are the same folks who have been trying to dissolve the Senate for years. These are the same folks who have been trying to get to Ottawa to "trim down the bureaucracy" for years. Why do we expect any better from them???

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ABSOLVED! Jury finds NO POLITICAL CONNECTION to Guite's Actions!

A jury has found NO POLITICAL CONNECTION to Chuck Guite's actions in the so-called "sponsorship scandal". This news is definitely good news for some federal politicians in Canada.

Years of Reform/Con harping have led to nothing more than a sentence for the man we all knew was the "ring-leader". So a crooked beaurocrat - who was originally hired by Mulroney's Conservatives, to boot - is found responsible for the misappropriation of funds that led to the Gomery Inquiry.

It appears it now will be possible for politics to return to something truly fitting our parliament - rather than the daily drive-by smear it has become under the neo-Cons.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ignatieff Meets Lower Mainland South Asian Community Leaders: Commits to Protect Rights of South Asians In Light Of Recent Arrests in Metro TO

(Richmond BC, June 4th) Michael Ignatieff committed to stand up for the rights of the Canadian South Asian diaspora Sunday, in light of the recent arrests in Southern Ontario. Speaking to a gathering of Indian and Pakistani supporters in Richmond Mr. Ignatieff stated "I commit to you" that we will defend the rights of Muslim and South Asian Canadians in this difficult time - ensuring that we will do whatever we can to prevent a backlash against the larger community. Stating examples of IRA terrorism in the last century, Ignatieff indicated that we will continue to battle extremism through our justice system, as the nation we are building is beyond imported religious conflicts. Members of the community had stated that they feared potential backlash as a result of the recent news headlines concerning a supposed Ontario terror plot. Ignatieff's commitment brought a round of applause from the audience.

Speaking mainly about protecting and growing multiculturalism, expanding Liberal commitments to education, and continuing Liberal-initiated economic growth, Mr. Ignatieff captivated the audience with his charisma and effortless speaking style. He spent much longer than his scheduled time in individual conversations, and answered all questions raised by the crowd. He even paused for an impromptu autograph session.

WesternGrit spoke with a group of educators who attended the function. The group was very pleased with Mr. Ignatieff's plan for higher education in Canada. Ignatieff had committed to ensuring "everyone who wants to" can attend university.

Mr. Ignatieff went on to speak to members of BC's Chinese community, at appointments later Sunday.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ignatieff to Meet With Indian and Chinese Community Leaders in Richmond BC Sunday

Michael Ignatieff will be meeting with members of the Lower Mainland's Indian and Chinese communities on Sunday. WesternGrit has travelled to BC to attend this event - and hopefully gets an opportunity to discuss Iggy's opinions on such matters as the recent arrests in Toronto, and Shrub's opinion on the issue.

Word on the ground - in the Lower Mainland - is that Ignatieff has been very well received on his past few visits. The Ignatieff Team in the Vancouver area is apparently pretty well-organized, and new membership sales are going well. Ignatieff's team in the area seem to be doing particularly well in selling new memberships to former NDP voters - who seem to really like Iggy's views on social issues and the environment. The growing list of Liberal supporters include individuals who have supported many different leadership campaigns in the past.

WesternGrit will post again tomorrow night after the event.... Also hope to have some good pictures to go with the story...