Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Conservative Opinion Of Our Parliamentary System? Check The Hand-Gestures

School was supposed to be out for Summer. Canadians learned this week just how the neo-Cons feel about our Parliamentary system. Conservative MPs flipped Opposition parties the bird, insulted and mocked the Speaker, and used foul language - audibly.

While some shenanigans are a "normal" part of Parliament, MPs are always expected to apologize for them, and to show respect for the institution. In this case the institution itself was attacked. When things have crossed the line in the past, a PM or party whip would step in to elicit the required apology... not this time. Stephen Harper is too busy keeping his firm line of censorship on his extreme right wing to really worry about his buffoons.

We all know how much respect Reform-a-Torys have for the institution of Parliament. These are the same folks who openly showed contempt and hatred for Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa for years. These are the same folks who have been trying to dissolve the Senate for years. These are the same folks who have been trying to get to Ottawa to "trim down the bureaucracy" for years. Why do we expect any better from them???

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