Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senior Harper Conservatives WELCOMED Rahim Jaffer's Requests

"OTTAWA – Rahim Jaffer’s inquiries to the Conservative government about the status of his business proposals often got a welcoming reception from officials, who deemed his projects a “priority” and pushed departments for a response, new documents show."

And those documents reveal that Jaffer, contrary to his own testimony, sometimes used his wife’s parliamentary email account to make those inquiries or submit proposals to contacts across government."

They knew it, condoned it, and PROMOTED IT (senior staffers urging quick action and pushing beaurocrats when quick action didn't occur).

Jaffe-Gaffe gets better and better and better.

Me-thinks the PM will pull the plug not over the Afghan documents, but rather over this Jaffer Scandal, which seems to implicate the government directly - including Conservative Cabinet Ministers - and maybe the PM too!

Funny how few Con-Trolls are leaving stupid comments these days. They must be swallowing their cud (and choking) as stories continue to break regarding these two corruption scandals - seemingly by the hour...

Conservatives cry that nothing materialized... that's because a professional beaurocracy held up the projects for proper review. The very same beurocrats the Conservatives hate so much. These brave mena and women of the civil service were the only ones standing up for Canadians' tax funds in stopping this Conservative scam...

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaffer-Gate Now Looks To Have More Government Involvement

Breaking news...

Just off Newsworld... Looks like there are quite a few Conservative Government documents (email and such) "suddenly" coming to surface (re: released from Conservative lockdown, and ONLY at the demands of Parliamentary committees because they can't afford more black eyes) that indicate LOTS of communication between Rahim Jaffer and other Conservative MPs/offices, etc.

More seriously, the emails came from Guergis' email address, and went out to Conservative Minister's offices... This means that the Conservative Government (and we use that term loosely) KNEW ABOUT JAFFER'S ILLEGAL USE OF HELENA'S OFFICE/RESOURCES. Talk about ripping off the people of Canada (or trying to). And we're not talking about peanuts here... We're talking about potential contracts worth millions of dollars - all going to benefit a former MP, and CURRENT Conservative Party member.

Does this sound like the Sponsorship Scandal? Actually, no. It's worse. It's likely worse, because senior cabinet officials were involved (Guergis for sure, but also, potentially many others).

In light of this breaking news, HOW can Deceivin' Stephen Harper continue to lie to the Canadian people, that he did not know Conservatives were making money off Canadian taxpayers? Conservative bag-man, former MP, continuing party member, and husband of (recently formered) Conservative Cabinet Minister, Helena Guergis, was quite possibly (most likely) profiting from inside links to the Conservative government... And... they seem to have KNOWN about it.

For shame.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Harper - A Portly Nazi Prison Camp Guard?

"I know n-OTH-ing!!!"

The phrase used to echo through living rooms in the 60s and 70s... The popular comedy programme - "Hogan's Heroes" - was a story of the antics/shenanigans of a group of Allied POWs in a Nazi German camp. The head prison guard was a portly Nazi by the name of "Shultz".

Shultz was "in charge" of security, but always claimed to "know nothing" when questioned about his involvement or knowledge... Sound familiar? Sound like a certain portly, cat-loving PM?

How long can the most egomaniacal, controlling, oppressive PM EVER continue to deny he knew nothing about any scandal that happens to come up under his watch? His own Cabinet colleagues are having meetings with Jaffer in "Jaffer's" (Helena's) Hill office... Is Harper an idiot? Only an idiot wouldn't know what one of his former party's young proteges was doing on the Hill - every day... Did Harper (or his PMO staffers) never make a trip down to Helena's office? I doubt that they didn't...

Shultz... He's shultzing us...

Wonder who Commandant Klink is? Flanagan? Preston Manning (the annoyingly grinding voice sure is similar)...

Harper knows "nothing"? Yeah, sure. Uh-huh...

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rural Women: New "Cult" According to Saskatchewan Conservative MP???

It appears rural women (and all of Alberta) PREFER KEEPING the Gun Registry...

I guess Conservatives would rather support the gun lobby and the NRA (from the USA), to serve their own partisan interests... than please most of the population of average Canadian citizenry. Typical of Conservatives in the new era, they would rather try to enforce their ideology than fairly debate and "sell" it to the public.

Who's the REAL cult???

Enjoy this link!

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Jason Kenney Must Resign... Pt. 6

Kenney in hot water again... this time in court over the George Galloway issue (the British MP Kenney denied entry, apparently, into Canada)...

Keep watching the news for more info...

This putz should quit (but I guess that kills his ambition to head up the NeoConservative Party of Canada)... of which new rumors keep circulating in Calgary (Kenney's "friends" approaching commoners to support a leadership run in the near future).

Looks like Harp's days are numbered. "No Majority Steve" is looking worse and worse, as his cabinet keeps looking like the under-skilled putzes they are...

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Pollster Hits Nail On Head

Private pollster Frank Graves (hired to poll for CBC) had some sage advice for Liberals recently. All pollsters offer such analysis when dissecting findings. Graves' analysis drew the rancour of the Reformatories...

What did he say?

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.”

Mr. Graves is right. 100%. We need to smoke out the lunatic right in Canada, and stop the intolerance before it gets out of hand.

Brilliant analysis... More so that it pissed off a few SoCons/NeoCons/Palen fans...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Biggest F-wad In Sask Continues To Be the MP From Yorkton-Melville...

Yorkton-Melville MP Garry Breitkreuz.

... to be exact.

This guy is the epitome of angry, ignorant, "slightly-less-than" educated, right-wing prairie political haters... He'd like to see "Smallville circa 1950" as his "idyllic" dream homeland. Typical of the angry NeoCon movement, his arguments make little sense, but will steamroll any civilized thought pattern in his path with pure seething "loud-mouthed-ness"...

In the business world, we say "squeaky wheel gets the grease", and we know the angry right wing has it's share of ignorant loudmouths. One only need glance the US airwaves (both radio and TV), or recent developments in Canada to see what the right-wing owned media can do. People like Murdoch, Black, et al, simply love selling stuff that will hit a nerve... and that tends to be hate, fear, and ignorance. Put a NeoCon "pundit" on the air, give them an open mike, and rub your hands together in glee when they say something "typically" atrocious... Then watch your ratings go up...

Garry B tends to stick out like a sore thumb because he is so vocal... No matter that most of what he says is akin to what comes out of the rear end of the Holsteins so common in his hometown...

F-wad, through and through...

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Federal Conservatives Rape & Pillage Rural Sask - Just like their Provincial Cousins

... And you can take both meanings of "provincial"...

Another good Ralph Goodale weekly report:


Columnist Murray Mandryk wrote a newspaper article earlier this month listing numerous examples of Conservative broken promises in Saskatchewan. He mentioned:

• the Conservative failure to deliver $850 million more to Saskatchewan every year in extra equalization payments;

• their failure to make a decent commitment to share the cost of new clean coal technology at Boundary Dam;

• their failure to contribute even one-cent to the Premier’s carbon storage project with Montana;

• the Conservative failure to support a new medical isotope facility in Saskatoon, or a new domed entertainment centre in Regina; and

• their failure to restore funding to First Nations University, even after FNUC corrected its previous problems and regained support from the provincial government.

That’s a multi-billion-dollar list of Conservative shortcomings in Saskatchewan. But it’s not complete.

For example, Mr. Harper also killed the Prairie Grain Roads Program, as well as the Saskatchewan headquarters of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). He is eliminating producer car loading rights. He failed to build a long-promised cellulose ethanol plant in Saskatchewan. And he reneged on personal commitments to victims of abuse at residential schools in Ile-a-la-Crosse and Timber Bay.

Add to this, his negligent treatment of Saskatchewan cattle producers.

During the tough conditions of recent years, cattle producers have asked only for practical changes to make “business risk management” programs more predictable, timely and bankable. They’ve suggested a reasonable new plan for “market price insurance” for cattle. And they want equal treatment with the U.S. when dealing with the aftermath of BSE disease.

But to date, the Conservatives have delivered nothing.

All this is compelling evidence that Mr. Harper takes Saskatchewan totally for granted. The Conservative monopoly over federal politics in this province gains Saskatchewan nothing – but the short-end of the stick, time and time again!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Does PM SH(it) Think Canadians Are Stupid?

Lie, lie, lie, and lie some more.

That's the Harper agenda. With new allegations coming to light every day, the evidence is quickly mounting.

Does Harper expect us to believe he knew nothing about one of his cabinet favorite's doings? Are we to expect that he never happened across "Radio Rahim" Jaffer in Helena's office? That he didn't see him on the Hill? That rumors of his actions didn't reach the PMO?

Does Harper think we'll believe there were no conflicts of interest in certain green energy programs? That sitting cabinet minister(s?) in his government weren't lining their pockets (we also have a case in PEI of another Harper Cabinet Minister possibly in a serious conflict situation - with funding assistance going to a family member)?

Does Harper believe that Canadians won't start seeing through his Western/Albertan brand of horseshit? His lies about accountability? His playing "mouse" while he lies to try to jockey position into a (quickly disappearing) chance at a majority?

In over 4 years the Harper government has taken a 13 BILLION $$$ surplus and turned it into the LARGEST DEFICIT IN CANADIAN HISTORY - BEFORE THE CURRENT RECESSION!!!

He has lied about income trusts (and senior's are starting to get pissed about that).

He has lied about his government's priorities, hiding true intentions (his anti-women and anti-minority, and anti-First Nations agendas).

He has denied the common truths in science, and openly fought with the best experts in the fields of nuclear science, climate science, and the medical community, then lied to the public by creating a false sense of "opposition to the science" of whatever issue he was arguing.

He has lied about his governments knowledge of goings-on in Afghanistan. Repeatedly. He even tried to create a false constitutional crisis to blame the opposition for doing what they are expected to do in a Parliamentary democracy, then prorogued the House.

Now we suspect, once again, that Harper is lying through his crooked little teeth...

The "fake" is starting to show through. From the colored contacts, to the bondo-like chemicals in his hair, to the ill-fitting (or often forgotten) girdles, that have been procured to keep this Frankenstein's monster of the right from showing his true self (and appearing like some "golden boy"), the "fake" is showing.

The man who never should have been PM (according to pundits who miraculously jumped on his side afterwards, lauding him for the past 3 years), is suddenly showing why most people think he had something to hide...

Because he does. "Scary Stephen Harper" is back.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enviro-Sham??? Something-gate???

Enough of the scandalization of Rahim and Helena... They're dead wood right now... Besides, their personal lives don't really concern me (or anyone else).

What is really more interesting right now is the operation, leadership, and application of the Green Infrastructure Fund. Also the actions of Conservative Cabinet Ministers. Sources are now saying there is evidence that these programs had DIRECT MINISTERIAL input.

"GIF-gate"? (Green Infrastructure Fund)???


"Enviro-sham"? (my favorite)

What do we call this new scandal?

Submit your favourite nickname in the "comments" section...

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

#Busty Hookers & Conservative Party Logos

So... Rahim's personal website, STILL has the CPC (Conservative Party of Canada) famicon/logo on the address bar tool...

I guess the kids that sit around at CPC HQ all day trying to dig up dirt on Liberals and their kin simply couldn't figure out how to remove it??? Maybe it's an intentional "clusterf&ck" intended to do even more damage to Helena Guergis(sp?)?

There seems to be a concerted effort in the Conservative Party to hurry up and do nothing about these two.

Let's compare and contrast:

In the early 90s some low-level regional Liberals (not former cabinet ministers, "whips", or House Leaders...) were involved in an exercise that was aimed at personal gain (and to increase their "self-importance" in the party)... That became known as the "Sponsorship Scandal". Conservatives feigned outrage at the revelations, and tried (you could argue successfully) to paint an entire party...

Today... a CURRENT high-level Conservative (still a member, and still involved in Con politics), and his wife (current cabinet minister in current Conservative government) are embroiled in controversy after controversy. Rather than chasing them out of town, and running them out of the party (something Conservatives would have called for in other cases), both remain party members, and involved in the party to various degrees. Ask Edmontonians who know the groups involved, who Rahim solicits for when an election is on... Who does he bring loads of voters and campaign workers in for?

Meanwhile, Jaffer's site still has an official Conservative Party of Canada logo...

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Pissed Off About The James Pardon???

Blame this guy: PM Harper...

Harper holds ultimate accountability for his government. If his government REALLY felt there was something wrong with the parole system in Canada, they wouldn't have been the sitting government during the largest granting of pardons in Canadian history... They also wouldn't have reappointed and promoted the Parole Board official who made the James pardon decision, after the pardon had been issued...

Now PMSH would have you believe he is "concerned" about our system.

Really "Steve"?


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