Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senior Harper Conservatives WELCOMED Rahim Jaffer's Requests

"OTTAWA – Rahim Jaffer’s inquiries to the Conservative government about the status of his business proposals often got a welcoming reception from officials, who deemed his projects a “priority” and pushed departments for a response, new documents show."

And those documents reveal that Jaffer, contrary to his own testimony, sometimes used his wife’s parliamentary email account to make those inquiries or submit proposals to contacts across government."

They knew it, condoned it, and PROMOTED IT (senior staffers urging quick action and pushing beaurocrats when quick action didn't occur).

Jaffe-Gaffe gets better and better and better.

Me-thinks the PM will pull the plug not over the Afghan documents, but rather over this Jaffer Scandal, which seems to implicate the government directly - including Conservative Cabinet Ministers - and maybe the PM too!

Funny how few Con-Trolls are leaving stupid comments these days. They must be swallowing their cud (and choking) as stories continue to break regarding these two corruption scandals - seemingly by the hour...

Conservatives cry that nothing materialized... that's because a professional beaurocracy held up the projects for proper review. The very same beurocrats the Conservatives hate so much. These brave mena and women of the civil service were the only ones standing up for Canadians' tax funds in stopping this Conservative scam...

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Get rid of him. Force an election.