Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enviro-Sham??? Something-gate???

Enough of the scandalization of Rahim and Helena... They're dead wood right now... Besides, their personal lives don't really concern me (or anyone else).

What is really more interesting right now is the operation, leadership, and application of the Green Infrastructure Fund. Also the actions of Conservative Cabinet Ministers. Sources are now saying there is evidence that these programs had DIRECT MINISTERIAL input.

"GIF-gate"? (Green Infrastructure Fund)???


"Enviro-sham"? (my favorite)

What do we call this new scandal?

Submit your favourite nickname in the "comments" section...

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ridenrain said...

Funny.. Your last post had nothing to indicate that this has gone stale. Suddenly Kinsella changes his tune and all the Libblogs turn like a school of fish.

WesternGrit said...

My last post was HOW long ago??? Last week? Before that? It's not stale either - just a change in focus. Not dropping it like Warren - just focusing in on how this could shake a whole government (programs set up to benefit partisan interests, etc....).

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the investigation into Conservative MPs Lee Richardson's company? Last month it was revealed that his company got a $185,000 grant from a Government of Canada green fund...

And Gail Shea, Fisheries Minister, her son-in-law got a $20-million government grant for "Green" windpower company:

Something smells fishy...