Wednesday, November 04, 2009

To Any Liberal MP Thinking of Being A Turncoat/Traitor:

Let us be diplomatic about this...

Why aren't you crossing the floor?

Opposing a civilized idea like the long gun registry is NOT a Liberal/liberal value. If you think it is, you are not a liberal (or Liberal).

If you "choose" to support the Conservative Bill, here's what you can count on from real Liberals:

1) We will not attend your events

2) We will not attend events that you are attending (we'll be starting a Facebook group, etc., to encourage boycotting said events)

3) We will ensure someone runs against you in your riding

4) We will ensure a mailing campaign begins to oppose every statement you make in the house.

Perhaps that's an extreme measure. We're not really that extreme. But, face it. If you're "for" killing the registry (and dozens of Canadians in the process), because of the whims of your constituency, then you may as well follow all those "whims": right to choose, same sex marriage, etc. We know your riding probably opposes those liberal ideals as well.

Bottom line: You're "liberal's of convenience"/opportunists...


Lifelong "true" Liberals.

ps: That's (above) what He thinks of you too.

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Anonymous said...


The Mound of Sound said...

Now, now, now - His Leadership hisself says the long gun registry is flawed and needs to be, gulp, "decriminalized," which is a fancy, Harvard sort of way of saying "gutted." His Leadership as you know, Stiffy Iffy, is not to be second-guessed even while in the throes of his endless second-guessing. The man is a marvel of consistency - he never fails to disappoint.

Jay said...

I am game to make these il-liberals leave or quit. If they want to vote only to keep their jobs at the cost of every canadian then I think we should ensure they lose their riding. They don't deserve it. If you ran as a liberal you vote as one, otherwise you can sit as an independent or with another party.

Too bad its gotten to the point where I feel I have to turn on my own party. At least Dion would fall on a sword. Those are principles.

CanadianSense said...

Is this part of the adult conversation?

Rural MP's views don't matter, only MP's from urban ridings are allowed their views?

The Phantom said...

"If you're "for" killing the registry (and dozens of Canadians in the process), because of the whims of your constituency, then you may as well follow all those "whims"..."

Representative democracy is only good if the stupid peasants do what you tell them, eh? That's truly liberal of you.

I look forward to your defeat, sir. Eagerly.

KC said...

Yes because "liberal/Liberal values" are whatever you say they are and anyone who thinks otherwise is "raw sewage".

I also like when you imply that following the "whims of your constituency" (otherwise known as "democracy") is a bad thing.

BTW, the Liberals had a free vote on same sex marriage and it still passed.

Simon said...

Good for you. I agree with EVERYTHING you say. This is a complete and abject surrender to the gun nutz in this country.
And I am absolutely disgusted...

Brian said...

I was with you until you said "because of the whims of your constituency". It's frustrating for the rest of us who want the registry kept in place, but representing their constituency is their job.

Peter L said...

Wow...just a little torqued, aren't we?

Matt said...


I like nothing better to hear the pathetic whining of another ignorant hypocrite liberal

Anonymous said...

Wha oh wha. I am more afraid of people like you than A LOADED GUN.

It's people like you that take freedom away because they are terrified of free thinking responsible adults.

oxygentax said...

Know what would be more useful than a long-gun registry? How about a registry of people licensed to own and purchase weapons? That way the police could just consult their registry and find out if the person COULD have a weapon, and then treat the encounter appropriately. After all, it doesn't matter how MANY guns the person has - it only takes one to shoot someone.

Then again, someone who lives in the area of Finch and Jane wouldn't likely be getting a license or registering ANY of their guns, let alone long ones, so that kinda shoots a hole (pardon the expression) on any usefulness that a long gun registry might provide. Perhaps the police should just assume anyone they encounter might be armed and treat that encounter appropriately.

WesternGrit said...

Okay... Probably a little wee bit upset during that post...

Here's a post we did on EFL today:

Forsey: Good post. Seriously. We're probably more upset than you are today. At least there is some consolation in the fact that a far higher percentage of Liberals voted against the bill, than the NDP.

Instead of taking the tough road, and fighting for and explaining the benefits of gun control, some MPs in Opposition decided ignorance and expediency was more fitting. Today, these MPs ceased to be Liberals (yeah - Wayne Easter and Keith Martin are atop the shit list).

This was the type of issue that DEFINES a Liberal. It's a basic fundamental reflecting where one sits on the political spectrum. We know some of these MPs got elected on the coattails of Chretien or Martin, and were simply opportunists of NO TRUE POLITICAL CONVICTION...

We believe we are a big tent party, but there are a few issues, which put me at odds with a small handful of members/MPs:
- Gun control
- Womens' right to choose
- Same sex marriage

While these people may continue to use the party for their own selfish political needs, we will continue to disagree with them - and heap disdain upon them.

CanadianSense said...

Jay how many liberals voted agains the NDP environmental Bill from the NDP last week?

Perhaps the Communist Party is closer to your version of a Liberal.

EFL posted on the 14 Liberals who voted with the NDP.

Liberals broke rank extending the Afghan mission ask MI, Bob to sit alone?

Rob Misek said...

That's one stupid liberal idea down.

Why not post something on abortion, homosexuality or affirmative action so I can mop the floor up with you?

hatrock said...

Classy. With that picture which may or may not depict Jesus Christ, are you saying to any Liberal MP thinking of being a turncoat/traitor that Jesus or the man depicted is giving you the middle finger and essentially saying "#$%^ off?"

Interesting considering that your faithful leader allowed a free vote on this issue.

ontarioconservative said...

I cant believe what i'm reading. you're saying that a Liberal can;t vote freely on a free vote in the house of commons without fear of repercussions from their own party?? This is the reason why the Libs are in such trouble in the first place...

I can't wait for the next election!

WesternGrit said...

This isn't about "free votes". Harper whipped the crap out of this vote. Helps that most of his MPs are rural. Still - any dissenting voice in Harperland gets quashed on ANY topic.

The Liberal leader defined the free vote and stated his opposition. Still, this vote should have been whipped. It is about moderate principles.

One thing people DON'T get. It isn't "Liberal vs. Conservative". Left vs. Right... in Canada. There are clear right, center, and left in Canada. The Liberal view is the moderate one. We are the ones who view things as a balance between the ideas of the NDP and the Reform-a-tories. The Liberal process was not a BAN on firearms. Simply a registry - that was working very well - according to the recent report hidden by the government from MPs...

Smooth move on the hidden (favorable of the gun registry) report, by the way. It gives MPs in committee a good reason to reject today's "showpiece" vote.

It ain't over yet. lol...

Anonymous said...

A womans right to choose is a liberal value? Women have no choice? Can they not make decisions? When you say a woman's right to choose, you mean the choice to kill her baby, right? So she can go out, have a promiscuous lifestyle, and get knocked up, then conveniently CHOOSE to kill her baby? Maybe you could tell these poor women, they could choose life over death, or (can you imagine?) to live a responsible, faithful, single partner lifestyle, and thereby avoid thaving to deal with those useless, inconvinient babies, hey? And get this. At the same time they would avoid hiv, and a host of other std's.

And same sex marriage and gun control are liberal values? Some values alright.

BTW, If you or someone with higher values than myself can tell me HOW registering legally aquired firearms saves lives, be my guest. Had Lepine, the insane muslim's guns been registered, I would suppose the crime would have been averted, cuz registered guns can not kill dontcha know.

I am honestly at a loss for words at how STUPID liberals are.

WesternGrit said...

Here's a comment one of us at W-Grit left over on another blog:

(Perhaps it'll color the euphemistic nature of some posts here on the blog... Entertainment value should never be underrated. A good image, and some well-placed F-bombs will get the hits one is looking for...Not to mention baiting the gun-nut comments we're fishing for - like that last one.)

"I'm sure the anger some of us over here at W-Grit had about the "vote" was a bit "weighty"... but as people who faced REAL hazards knocking doors on the Prairies in the 90s, defending the registry; then watching angry, foaming-at-the-mouth Cons/Reformers; watching their seething anger... Just felt like it was time to give them some of their own medicine back.

The Liberals in our party will always be Liberal in a lot of other ways. We all stand in different places on different issues. We do tend to agglomerate around the center - making us liberal. Still, this gun issue is one of those issues that defines Liberals and Conservatives around the world - not just in our little corner of the world.

Some of us will still choose to boycott events that some of these MPs are appearing as keynote speakers, however, their being elected under the banner is still better than a Reform-a-Tory, or someone from the far left..."

marie said...

I cant believe what i'm reading. you're saying that a Liberal party?? This is the reason why the Libs
(we know that the Reform cons can't vote freely on a free vote in the house of commons without fear of repercussions from their own party.

(Cons like yourself who can't think for himself are being so dense and haven't figured out what the end results are going to be with the Reform Cons runaway spending at the tax payers expense. But you probably don't have a job and no idea how you will be stuck paying the bills when you are old enough and lucky enough to find a job.

I (too) can't wait for the next election!A lot of you brainwashed Con supporters will be having a mental breakdown. I really feel sorry for the children you might have. When I read comments like you have made, I think your still in elementary school and about 8 years old. No other explanation for your childish comments.

Good post Jay, I fully agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Great posts WG and another damning indictment of the reformatory party and their diablolical workings. Mr. Angry will be seething when this vote gets turfed in due time. The ugly ads he ran in rural Canada need to be well exposed in the major population centers.

Anonymous said...

The gun registry was an Epic Fail from Day One. No debate on that, it is settled. Instead of trying to keep track of 7+ million people who are NOT predisposed to violent abuse of firearms, why not concentrate on those 30,000 or so who have had firearms prohibitions levied against them? Presently, there is no central datastore that the police can look into to check. The police officers themselves don't trust the system, it violates the rights of gun owners (and we know how much we Liberals care about right!) and produces absolutely nothing of value. Nada. Zip. No matter what Wendy says, it does not work.

So, find a better way to deal with violent criminals.