Monday, November 23, 2009

Conservative Hate Mail - Trying To Draw Racial/Religious Divides

Ralph Goodale's great commentary on Conservative's using tax-payers' money for partisan propaganda... Conservative hate-mail...


What do you think of Stephen Harper using your tax dollars on partisan junk-mail – some of it outright hate-mail – pumped into millions of homes across Canada?

Never before has a Canadian political party stooped so low to slander their opponents and then send taxpayers the bill.

Financial reports published last week by the House of Commons exposed Conservative M.P.’s severely abusing their Parliamentary mailing privileges. They have racked up $6.3 million in postage costs (on top of their regular office budgets) to stuff millions of vile pamphlets into mail-boxes in Opposition-held constituencies.

These mailings are riddled with personal attacks, falsehoods, smears and innuendoes. The Speaker of the House has already ruled some of them out of order. Others have been so bad, the Conservatives themselves have had to stand up and apologize.

The worst example is probably a Conservative flyer recently sent to thousands of Jewish homes accusing non-Conservatives of anti-Semitism.

It was absolutely outrageous, provoking prominent Jewish Canadians to condemn such propaganda. They don’t want to be considered the “property” of any one political party; nor do they condone such dishonest tactics that sew division and hatred.

First elected to the House of Commons in 1974, I have never seen a more bitter and abusive atmosphere around Parliament Hill than that which exists today. It’s toxic!

In an adversarial political system, like ours, there will always be conflicts. But Mr. Harper and his brand of neo-conservatives have carried junk-yard dog behaviour to extraordinary lengths.

Self righteous and sanctimonious in the extreme, the Harper Conservatives actually believe they are morally superior to everybody else. So (they think) it’s “OK” to treat all others like dirt.

That nasty attitude erodes the tolerance, fairness, accommodation and generosity which have always been fundamental to the basic decency that defines our country.

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WesternGrit said...

Good to hear this from Ralph, as it signals what the meme will be in Parliament this week:

1) The request to the Speaker vis-a-vis 10%ers

2) Of course, potential PMO knowledge of war crimes (of course, like all Conservatives, they'll just try to rename their POWs "illegal combatants"... As if history will conclude that POWs renamed as such would be precluded from international agreements. That's like drug dealer's lawyers renaming them "speeders"... Absurd)

Backseat Blogger said...

hmmm... so it's only bad when the Tories do it?

you must a very short term memory.

I got one of Bennett's body bag flyers flyers. It was filled with lies from top to bottome but, of course, since Liberal intentions were 'honourable' that makes it okay, I guess. And while she may apologized to the natives offended by it .... she certainly didn't apologize to me.

CanadianSense said...

The exploitation of ethnic issues to gain political support is an old problem that the Liberals have mastered for a long time and they were rewarded with solid electoral support. Their gimmicks have now been exposed and, in fact, their grip on the so-called ethnic vote is rapidly evaporating.

@23% the LPOC are imploding to 20%

Anonymous said...

"It was absolutely outrageous, provoking prominent Jewish Canadians to condemn such propaganda."
Harperite's truly believe the silence of others is a sign of stupidity - no matter what the race, color or creed. They will yet prove their spots do not change. Just ask an Arab Canadian.