Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Politicize THIS, PM El Slobbo...!

Looks like there are some new code words for when you "lead" a government, and don't have an explanation (or excuse) for screwing up (badly, in most cases):

You just say the opposition is "politicizing" the issue.

No worries that it is the oppositions DUTY to question the government. No worries about actually working towards a solution. Nope. Just jump up and down, and cry that the opposition is "getting political".

How long will the media and people of Canada sit and watch this amateur buffoonery? How long will we watch the troglodytic, and quite grotesque PM defile the office?

Time to get more "political" and REALLY get under their skin!

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kirbycairo said...

LEt's face it, the once great Liberal Party might as well just fold at this point. They have lost all courage, all direction, and any sense of duty that they once possessed.

wilson said...

It looks like cheque-gate isn't going so well for the Libs either:

Prop cheques don't violate guidelines, bureaucrats say