Monday, October 26, 2009

Harper Government Ethical Violations

Latest Ralph Goodale Update:


It’s bad enough that Stephen Harper plunged Canada back into deficit again, BEFORE there was any recession.

It’s even worse that Conservative behaviour during the recession has been constantly tainted by ethical violations.

A lot of honest, hard-working Canadians are worried about their jobs, the well-being of their families, and the security of their pensions. They have every right to expect their government will work as hard and honestly as they do.

But instead, this government delivers an orgy of partisanship, favouritism and waste.

Four independent news organizations (the Globe and Mail, the Halifax Herald, the Ottawa Citizen and the CBC) have investigated and verified Liberal research showing how federal infrastructure announcements are heavily skewed toward Conservative ridings.

More than 60 Conservative M.P.’s have been involved in phony cheque presentations, using party logos and false signatures to imply the Government of Canada and the Conservative Party are the same thing. (Once caught, at least six of these Conservatives have admitted their wrong-doing).

Beyond phony cheques and glitzy signs on everything from commuter trains to door knobs, the Conservatives have launched the most twisted and partisan advertising blitz in Canadian history. The cost will soon reach $100 million – maybe more – all of it borrowed and all of it at taxpayers’ expense.

Instead of outrageous Conservative propaganda, that money could have put new MRI machines in 50 hospitals. It could have paid the salaries of more than 1,600 nurses. That money could have funded 33,000 hip, knee or cataract surgeries, or 14,000 insulin pumps for kids with juvenile diabetes.

A hundred million dollars would pay for 1,000 new units of affordable housing, or three million bus passes for low income seniors, or the tuition fees of nearly 17,000 students.

That’s the worst ethical violation! Mr. Harper’s selfish, perverted priorities!

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Cari said...

I do not want one cent of my money going to elect Harper.
I wish he would stop using blue for the is the party does the average person put a stop to this?
What mentality do the people have that listen to his lies., and believe him, like he is a god ?

Platty said...

From the Victory Fund site:

Across the country, Liberal momentum is growing, and under Michael Ignatieff’s leadership, there is an increasing sense of hope for a bright future.

And now, let's see how that momentum is "growing" under Ignatieff's leadership.


WesternGrit said...

Thanks for showing your concern Platty. I don't think you believe polls any more than we do (mid-term polling). Any poll taken by the bankrupt National "Pest" has to be taken with a grain of salt when it concerns anything but Conservative/conservative interests.

Yes, we know we're down in polling, but remember Harper was down for years (much worse), and he's PM now...

Prairie Kid said...

"It’s bad enough that Stephen Harper plunged Canada back into deficit again"

The Liberals and the NDP cried long and hard that the Conservatives weren't spending enough money on stimulus packages. Now they're saying Harper plunged Canada into debt. You can't have it both ways. And sooner or later some Liberal somewhere MUST tell Canadians what they would have done differently during the recession. So far we haven't heard a word . . . just bitching. No wonder the polls are in favor of the Conservatives.

WesternGrit said...

Prairie kid: Spending without a deficit is something you conservatives/Conservatives just don't get.

The spending the Liberals were proposing would CREATE MORE JOBS, which would result in MORE REVENUE for the government. Broader tax base means less taxes for everyone. The projects the Liberals were proposing would have created many, many jobs.

The Conservatives - on the other hand - gave a handout back to the rich (in the way of a GST cut), and permanently castrated the government's ability to help the public.

The "great economist" and most of his minions don't have a clue...

Platty said...

Any poll taken by the bankrupt National "Pest" has to be taken with a grain of salt..

Sorry to be the one to have to tell you WG, it really doesn't matter which poll you look at, the only place that Ignatieff is leading the Liberal party is into the political wilderness, and they are going to be there for a long, long time....


WesternGrit said...

Platty: Like I indicated, we know the polls.. Tell ya a little story about my best Conservative friend. He was a "charter" Reform member. He spent about 10 years telling me not to believe the "in-between elections" polling. It was his crutch every time I laughed about the Harper struggles...

Fact is, your party is on the right/far right of the political spectrum - and as such - can only ever appeal to the broader right of society. The Liberal Party, on the other hand, can appeal from left to right, and all points in-between. This is the area most Canadians reside.

The Liberal Party isn't going anywhere. This next election will result in a net loss of Conservative seats. Mark our words. There is a reinvigorated discussion in the Liberal movement, and this party is going up, up, up...

CanadianSense said...

Western Grit is correct,

Good News:
Polls can go or down and MI claims he does listen to them but acts on principle.

Campaigns matter.

I agree Liberal are excited and like to talk.

Bad News:

The Liberals have not seen 37% support since Paul Martin.

The CPC are firmly holding the centre and the right.

The Liberals have not been able to displace the drunken sailors spending Billions on doorknobs and signs across Canada.

WG besides cutting some funding for some "fringe groups" can you show me ANYTHING they cut?

WG, Most of us extreme right wing republican reform church basement dinosaur conbots are thrilled with the GM bailout, yippie!

Must be the CPC kool-aid?

WG what party has been standing up and asking for less spending or less stimulus?

Last time I checked the Liberals and the left have demanded more, faster.

That leaves the centre and right stuck with Harper playing "drunken sailor".

We can see in his eyes the pain of playing nice with the left demanding Billions every week, Harper caused the global recession, GM bailout was CPC idea rammed down the sensible opposition who spoke against it, 45 day work week?

WG, Rick Mercer did a spoof of the Liberal GPS.

Many honest Liberals admit the lack of substance in policy is a problem.

Some voters need details beyond empty rhetoric and platitudes.

WG I agree the Liberals can go up from 25% and the CPC can go down from 40%.

I don't think you want to start a race with no gas, no tires and no map.

In a few days the financial numbers for Q3 will be out.

Anonymous said...

I hope the people can be made aware that Harper intentionally plundered and plunged our economy downward BEFORE the US inspired meltdown, to radically change our Country and it's means of helping the citizen's and the world. Then, by calling an unnecessary election and shutting down a sitting Parliament he certainly kept the electorate distracted. I believe the light of day is beginning to dawn on the dirty tricks of the CPC now. The people will catch up. Drip, Drip, Drip, Steve. LK

Anonymous said...

On the 'stimulous' hand-outs, still no money for a needed school in Northern Ont.? While private one's are being funded? We are getting two arenas--six ice-pads and a re-done casino from our CPC MP. LK

marie said...

Common Sense, don't you have to clean your house or do laundry for a change instead of spending hours all over the blogs hampshire? I know you are a women with too much time on your hands. Do something constructive for a change. If you want to be taken seriously, please change that name or better yet, use your given name because the one you are using tells a great deal about you.

As for polls, they mean dick all especially those done by the Media who ask vague questions.I can't understand that of all the polls ever done, they never call my household and its too bad because I would tell them a different story and yes even lie to give the Con Party a false picture of where they really do stand. The only polls that count are on election day and that's where every Canadian in Canada has a chance to make their votes count. Good day to all.

marie said...

The stimulus spending is a joke. I resent that the majority spent is in Reform/Alliance/Cons support area or in provinces that they are trying to buy votes from in order to win a majority. That is our tax dollars being spent to try and win more votes. Harper is a turd and I won't say what I think his brain drained Parrot clown Mp/s are.
I don't know Cari what the solutions are to correct other than bombard the Media with sound objections to their partisan stories.