Friday, October 23, 2009

What Better Story For the National Media?

What better story could there possibly be for the national media - even the handful who are ACTUALLY journalists - than the Shakespearian tragedy working it's way through Ottawa as we speak-eth?

Let's see if we have all the components:

1) Tragic "hero" comes to town, and is much disliked by the people (perhaps mistrust is the key word...

2) Old King errs/falters, and young tragic hero ascends the throne...

3) Jury still out on young tragic hero, as we soon learn, he too has glaring faults... Many of which are the same as the old King...

4) Young tragic hero Harper sleeps with his mother and gouges his own eyes out...

There. You see. Shakespearian tragedy at it's finest.

The hubris of man, etc., etc. Harper and his Reform-a-Tory crew were claiming they would "clean up Ottawa". Instead, they have muddied the waters, fouled the food, and cuckolded Canada...

Gouge your snake-eyes out, oh "great leader"! And get thee to a nunnery!

This script writes itself. If the national media really wants a political "story" that's "new" and different from the garbage they've been shoveling the last few months/years...

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Anonymous said...

Thy likes it.

Toe said...

yeah yadue yeasaabt wukkkkkk nakjet

CanadianSense said...

Buzz Hargrove agrees the opposition in Federal and Provincial governments are a dissappointment.

Would you extend it to the traditional media and bloggers?

Do you agree with Buzz?

"It seems like every day in the House and the legislatures across the country, political parties of all stripes are just trying to find a way that they can attack the personal side of individual members of Parliament or the prime minister or whoever," Hargrove told in a telephone interview earlier this week.

"And that's not the politics that I grew up with. You stuck with issues and you challenged people on issues and what they stood for. So I just didn't see standing up in the House and criticizing somebody for an expense sheet that they billed for a coffee or something as being very substantive or contributing much to the country." Andrea Janus, New Saturday Oct. 24, 2009 7:11

WesternGrit said...

I agree with Buzz... because criticizing Harper's LIES does NOT constitute "personal" attacks.

I love the new-found negativity towards "attacking", when all certain partys are doing is criticizing horrible conservative/Conservative/Reform-Alliance policy.

This is not criticism of some poor leader's speaking ability based on a facial deformity... It is not attacking someone for their "French-ness" (as Conservatives have done). No. This is attacking Harper for his total ineptitude and blatant lies to the Canadian people.

Someone with a name like "Canadian Sense" should be able to make sense of that very elementary school level logic... Sometimes people just can't see through the partisan rancour...

austin said...


Harper has never even come close to the personal attacks that Martin used against him in the 2004 and 2006 elections. Remember the whole "armed soldiers on our streets" thing. Just like any partisan you only dislike tactics when they are used sgainst you.

CanadianSense said...


you have me confused with other people.

I want an effective opposition demanding more accountability.

I want less spending, anyone who does not believe we will have problems, waste and mismangement of 4700-6000 projects must live in the enchanted forest.

I don't care what party is wasting millions or billions at the provincial or federal level.

I want an adult conversation. PERIOD.

We are not having it.

If the CPC are getting high with a little help from their friends, who are these friends?

Who is enabling and supporting these measures?

Sept 1, 2009 MI drew another line in the sand and declared it was the princile and not the polls.

What has changed in 4 weeks?

The Polls!

I don't agree with many of the current projects too big and too many.

WesternGrit tell me who is offering something different and how are they going to pay for it?

Toronto Star Editorial just ripped on again on MI. Carol Goar demanding he stand up and put something on the table.

Those speeches were rhetorical, without details and SAFE.

His team is wrong. The Polls are not praising team SH ( up a few pts from OCT 2008)as they are a rebuke of the current strategy of the Libs. ( Back to historical lows below 30% for 4 weeks)

WesternGrit said...

Austin: In case you had no clue what a "personal attack" is, talking about what a policy outcome might be (tanks in the streets) is NOT a personal attack. It is that type of logic from the far right in this country that has many of us in the center perplexed.

I will tell you what a "personal attack" is, however: How about the Conservative attacks on Chretien's facial paralysis? How about saying Atlantic Canadians have a "culture of defeat". How about saying how recent immigrants reside in "ghettos in the West"? How about accusing a Liberal Cabinet Minister of a crime - which was later proven to never have occurred? Etc., etc....

I guess sound logic never passed near you guys. Your argument doesn't hold any water.