Wednesday, October 21, 2009


... Or... "The Emperor Has No Clothes" (which fit him, that is...).

It's all about "Cheque-Scam", isn't it?

Seems to me, the Conservatives were so delusional in their narrow view of Ottawa politics during their years of recent Opposition, that they actually believed what they are doing today (with the cheques, and many other possibly illegal partisan activities) was something the "Liberals were also doing"...

It really strikes me, that I recall - quite clearly - Reformer acquaintances talking about the "Ottawa/Toronto/Ontario Feeding trough", and how it was all about greedy MPs padding their own pockets...

Appears they decided they were "gonna get me some" too...

Good for them.

Only one thing: The Liberal MPs never did anything REMOTELY like this scheme - this "Cheque-Scam" - that seems to be rooted in Harper's Conservative PMO... I mean, c'mon... even the media knows "The Mastermind" has such a firm grip on his caucus (firm grip on his caucus... hahaha...) that NOTHING occurs without his say-so... Isn't that right, all you so-called "journalists" out there? Isn't it time you began using that little piece of paper you received in your 3-5 years (longer for some) in college?

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