Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"You People"???

Really, Steve?

"You People"?

That's a pretty typical expression for someone who views minorities as "outsiders", "not one of us", or somewhat less than "us".

Is that what you think of us now? Of course it is. It's how your slack-jawed, Flintstones-are-a-documentary, ignorant, xenophobic, minions have always thought of us...

Just want to use us for our votes... Hoping we (minorities) won't notice how you'd rather we didn't come here? Hoping that we'll be the one's that will give you the majority that will let you pull our Charter Rights?

Get ready for a fight, you "couldn't hack it in Toronto", socially misfit, culturally inept, egomaniac!

A senior Ignatieff official noted that the Conservative Leader, in his speech, referred to the members of the various cultural groups as “you people,” which he deemed questionable.

The official was referring to Mr. Harper's speech Monday, in which he said: "Friends, I know you're here for one thing. You're here for Canada. People who live here, people who live in Brampton, in Mississauga, and Etobicoke. You people have come to this country from the world over because you believe in this country."

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And More Blatant Conservative/Reform-a-Tory "Truth Deviations"

Flaherty on Saturday:

"A re-elected Conservative government -minority or majority -wouldn't make any changes to its already-released budget, other than to revise economic figures, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has pledged.

Conservatives have signalled that the document -sprinkled with tax breaks and other benefits for seniors, rural doctors, volunteer firefighters and others -will become their campaign platform.

"Parliament has not yet voted on a budget. Depending on timing, there might have to be an update of economic data, depending on when it might be," Mr. Flaherty told reporters in Calgary on Saturday night, at the end of a gathering of Western Hemisphere finance ministers. "But fundamentally, it will be the same document, updated if necessary.""

Then Harper reveals a $1.5 Billion (?) plan to give tax breaks to the less than 20% of families that comprise of stay-at-home Moms - in another veiled shot at women's rights and freedoms.

Has he costed this? Like everything else (including jets, jails, and attack ads) - NO.

Lying liars and lies they tell, huh?

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Harper's Contempt of Canadians The Reason For This Election

Ralph Goodale discusses Harper government's "pulling of the election plug".


Liberals are running on two strong national themes in this election:

• Integrity in how government operates; and

• A strong economy focused on families.

The Harper government was defeated last Friday in the House of Commons on a clear finding of Conservative contempt against Canadians – the first time in the Commonwealth that a government has been so disgraced.

The Conservatives were facing two contempt proceedings for suppressing financial data, falsifying documents and failing to tell the truth. They are being investigated by the RCMP for tampering with government information and influence peddling. And four senior Conservative officials (including two Harper Senators) are in court on charges of violating election laws.

So Mr. Harper fell from power because of his contempt. But also significantly wrong are his economic choices.

He’s using up all of Canada’s fiscal capacity on three big expensive risky projects -- $30 billion for stealth fighter warplanes, $30 billion for extra corporate tax cuts, and $10 billion for US-style mega-jails.

As a result, family care-giving, child care, healthcare, education and pensions get pushed off the agenda. A Liberal government will put these bread-and-butter issues front and centre where they belong, and we’ll do so in a fiscally responsible way that does not increase the tax burden on families.

Here in Saskatchewan, among other things, Liberal candidates will also be emphasizing greater leverage for Saskatchewan in Ottawa.

The Harper regime has badly used and abused this province. Think about equalization, income trusts, carbon capture and storage, cellulosic ethanol, rail service and costs, the RCMP Heritage Centre, PFRA, the Canadian Police Research Centre, potash, downtown urban renewal. In every case, Stephen Harper has just taken Saskatchewan for granted.

A Conservative political monopoly here (controlled and manipulated from Ottawa) only hamstrings Saskatchewan’s ability to protect its interests and get things done.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

On "The Coalition Ferry" (Not)

All Iggy needs to say is:

"To even begin to discuss such a fantasy scenario is to admit defeat... To admit that we won't finish ahead of the Conservatives in this election. I am NOT about to do that."

"Now why don't you go ask Mr. Harper that very same question, if he finishes second - and judging by the direction of recent polls, he just might by election day."

The point is, either party could finish second. Would Harper consider a coalition if he finished second? Would he even discuss it now (no)?

In politics, like in sports, you NEVER speculate about finishing 2nd. It's bloody idiotic.

Iggy just needs to spell that out for the press. He can also add, "We will only do what is traditional and permissible in our Parliamentary Democracy... The people - the Parliament - are the ultimate determinants of what will transpire."

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sleeping Air Traffic Controllers

Everyone is whining about sleeping air traffic controllers, but who's asking about massive US airline cuts in a deregulated environment that led to slashed fares, busier airports, overworked flight crews, AND extremely overworked air traffic controllers?

This is what happens when certain areas are "private sector", and start "cutting costs".

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The State of The Nation

Latest Goodale Report puts it all very clearly...


Stephen Harper has decided he wants an election, so he’s sabotaging the current minority Parliament.

Part of his strategy is a belligerent budget that runs rough-shod over the needs of average middle-class families.

The Conservatives are using up every bit of Canada’s financial capacity on three big, risky, expensive projects:

· buying stealth warplanes without even the semblance of decent competition ($30 billion);

· building US-style mega jails ($10 billion); and

· extra corporate tax cuts for the six big banks and other large businesses that have already had their taxes cut by 35% ($6 billion/year).

The net result is nothing left for families – for education, healthcare, pensions, child care or family caregivers.

The Harper regime is spending 1,000-times more to buy warplanes than they’re investing in helping students get to university or technical school.

They’re spending 1,000-times more on jails than on youth crime prevention.

The Harper regime wasted more on one-day of G-20 extravagance in Toronto last summer than they’ll spend in a whole year to help low-income senior citizens.

This is just not good enough. Even more pathetic is the Harper regime’s appalling lack of ethics.

They’re under two RCMP investigations – one for influence peddling and the other for tampering with access-to-information laws. They’re subject to two contempt citations – for concealing essential financial data, doctoring documents and failing to tell the truth. And four senior Conservative operatives are in court on charges of violating Canadian election laws – like you’d find in some banana republic.

The Harper regime has no interest in the needs of ordinary middle-class families, and no respect for the rules that should govern a decently functioning democracy.

The key issue is trust. And the hard truth is Canadians cannot trust Stephen Harper!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Contempt

Conservatives like to whine about the "opposition dominated committee" that found them in contempt of Parliament. Funny how this never ever happened to any Liberal (or PC) Minority Governments...

Not funny, actually.

The Harper Govt is THE ONLY GOV'T in Commonwealth history to be found in contempt. No OTHER minority govt has ever been found in contempt here... Period.

Just pointing out how very serious this issue of contempt is.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Harper's Contempt Of The People Of Canada (Parliament)

The latest Goodale update:


Stephen Harper planned this week to be all about his 2011 budget. Instead, focus has shifted onto his contempt for Canadians and his disregard for the law.

It’s a sad moment for our democracy when four senior Conservative officials (including two Senators – Mr. Harper’s closest friends) have to appear in court, as they did last week, on charges of seriously violating Canada’s election laws. This is something you’d expect only in a banana republic.

It’s a sad moment for our democracy when the Speaker of the House of Commons must rule, twice in one day, that this government is treating Canadians with contempt by wrongfully concealing essential financial information, tampering with documents and deliberately misleading Parliament.

It’s a sad moment for our democracy when a respected independent official (the Information Commissioner) suspects the Conservatives of systematically subverting Canada’s access-to-information laws, and calls in the RCMP.

It’s a sad moment for our democracy when a television network (APTN) uncovers worrisome evidence of potential influence peddling by a former senior member of the Prime Minister’s personal staff, and Mr. Harper has to scramble to call in the Mounties just before the story hits the headlines.

It all adds up to serious, repeated abuse of power.

And you could add – the misuse of prorogation (twice) to wrongfully shut-down Parliament, the mindless destruction of the census, and the denigration of public watchdogs (from the Nuclear Safety Commission and the Parliamentary Budget Officer to the Veterans Ombudsman and the Chief Electoral Officer).

And add as well – mega-millions of dollars (largely your tax dollars) wasted month-after-month on abusive, deceitful advertising calculated to slander and mislead.

This is what you get from a warped Conservative regime that puts jails ahead of schools, warplanes ahead of healthcare, and extra corporate tax cuts ahead of pensions or affordable housing.

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Of Course Ignatieff's Immigrant "Experience" Wasn't The Same

If Ignatieff's ancestors came to Canada today, Harper would have had the army board their ship mid-sea, quarantine them on-board, then put them in "holding prisons/camps" because he is worried they might be "terrorists".

As an immigrant child - parents came over here, I can attest to the true modern immigrant experience. Most "regular" immigrants these days are the lucky few who have enough money to leave their former countries. Our parents flew over on jet airplanes, and came here usually to study (particularly those who came in the 60's and 70s, and even 80s. More recently lots have come to labor as well.

The Ignatieffs were the pre-cursors to the modern refugee. People like the Ignatieffs came over in much hardship - sailing over the ocean. Crowded ships, vermin, disease, and the like. Today, there are still a class of immigrants who suffer escaping hostile regimes, torture, hardship on ocean voyages, etc. Conservatives today would question these refugees as "terrorists", and would prefer to lock them up in detainment centers.

Yup - Ignatieff's family's immigrant experience would have been different today for sure - Harper would have had them locked up as possible subversives/terrorists... possibly returning many of them to the clutches of dangerous European regimes.

Is anyone else as sick as this child of immigrants is, over Harper's continued usage of immigrants (or "very ethnics") for his own purposes, while he continues to do nothing to further our actual causes and ideals? While his party does everything they can to allow discrimination of minorities - while they continue to break down any protection minorities have? While they trash the Charter of Rights? We knew it back when these guys were actually speaking the truth as Reformers - now we need to "read between the lines". Just further proves how completely anti-immigrant, deep down, this Conservative regime really is...

God forbid a majority for this bunch.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Contempt Of Parliament - It Used To Be A Serious Thing...

Latest Goodale report - chock full of good stuff...

I must add this: Many of the things the Conservatives do are disagreeable, and bad for the economy and Canadians as a whole. Yet, the root of the problem is not just in policy, but in the public's "buying in" of it - lock, stock, and barrel. The issue is the government's almost criminal ability to put only THEIR SIDE out there. We need to stop this for the sake of our democracy.

I have suggested a rough framework on how to do this - and our party needs to look into something like this.

Democracy is DEAD when only one side gets to tell their story.


A question often asked about the current minority Parliament is what causes it to be so bitter and rancorous? Some of the reasons are becoming more apparent.

The problem starts at the top – with Stephen Harper who believes he’s a privileged soul, above the law. He shows nothing but contempt for ordinary Canadians. Here are just a few examples:

Four of Mr. Harper’s closest associates – including two people he appointed to the Senate – are being hauled into Court this week.

They’re charged with violating Canada’s election laws. Following a police raid on Conservative Headquarters, the Director of Public Prosecutions says there’s “voluminous” evidence of serious illegal conduct. Mr. Harper condones that conduct.

And there’s more – The Conservative minister for foreign aid (Bev Oda) misrepresented the views of senior government officials, doctored documents, tried to cover-up and failed to tell the truth.

And more – When the House of Commons asked for documents detailing the multi-billion dollar cost of Conservative mega-jails and extra corporate tax cuts, Mr. Harper just thumbed his nose. That earned him a contempt citation.

And more – The Conservative minister of immigration was caught in an illicit political fund-raising scheme designed to manipulate newcomers to Canada – the very people over whom he holds decisive ministerial power. What a massive conflict-of-interest!

And more – The person hand-picked by Conservatives to be their “integrity commissioner” (investigating government wrong-doing) has a cozy relationship with Conservative ministers, fails to investigate a single complaint, gets chastised by the Auditor-General, and walks away with a half-million dollars and a promise to keep her mouth shut.

And more – The Parliamentary Budget Officer has calculated the cost of Mr. Harper’s new stealth-fighter war planes. The price-tag has nearly doubled to a shocking $30 billion – the biggest procurement boondoggle in Canadian history.

Abuse and dishonesty in Harperland know no bounds!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Vic Toews... Minister of Public "Safety"???

There's nothing "safe" about our Federal Minister of Public Safety telling Canadians earlier this morning that there's no more tsunami "advisory/warning" for coastal BC... Especially when the warning still exists this evening at 6pm, and coastal California counties are declaring states of emergency.

Incompetence knows no bounds with this government. They hate scientists, "experts", and pretty much anything to do with intelligent open-minded thought... and this is the result.

Time to fire this government.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Iggy to Cons: "It's ON!"

If the fire and brimstone voice the Iggster put forth today ("This government is saying democracy is a 'distraction'") in the H of C was any indication of what is to come during the election campaign, look out Harper!

Iggy is ON!!!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Support Bill C-393 - For the love of humanity...

Note to all MPs:

Please support Bill C-393 and assist impoverished nations attain access to much needed medications.

We all loved Kanaan singing "Wave the flag" last year... now let's join him in helping the developing world.

The vote is tonight!

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Kenney's Scheme For Immigrant Manipulation And Deception

So I walk into my local Chinese eatery for some fine ginger beef, and I see this image.

Almost hurled my wontons...

Beyond what is the "over-the-top" way Kenney/Harper have approached what they always saw as "the immigrant problem", or the issue with people who live in "ghettoes", this is just wrong from a Political Advertising perspective.

Fraud? Campaign spending gone overboard? Just WHAT is a document clearly from "Minister" Kenney's office doing hung on a wall in a very public restaurant, with the ugly giant Conservative "C" emblazoned on it???

Not only wrong in principle, this little piece of work also makes people who aren't political hacks assume that the message is from the government AND the Conservative Party - which are apparently one and the same! It is partisan to a fault - and most likely illegal.

It's great psychology: Like the child in school, give them a "gold star" so they become "teacher's pet". Unfortunately it is a very immoral use of public resources. Conservative logo on an award purportedly from the Minister's office, given to a business to display in a very public place SMACKS of election fraud. How else can you explain Kenney's use of such a tool?

I have campaigned at a high level with political parties in the 3 Western-most provinces, and have never seen such blatant disregard for democracy, ever - and certainly no such displays of advertising subverting advertising spending laws... (which is what Kenney's little ploy here translates to).

Usage of public funds for partisan purpose.

I've said it a million times before, but I'll say it again: Jason Kenney must go!

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Bill C-32 Ads - Broadcasters Attack Liberals

Partisan ads by Canadian Broadcasting Consortium attacks the Liberal Party over position on Bill C-32.

Let's be very CLEAR. Bill C-32 is BAD for Canadian media consumers and BAD for Net Neutrality. The broadcasters would have you believe they are looking out for our best interest.


Ask someone like Michael Geist what Bill C-32 could do to those of you who like to download (not even to share) music, movies, and other media.

Fight for a free internet! Fight for Media Freedom!

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Of Media Conglomerates And Attack Ads...

The MSM is in a tizzy over the recent Green Party "attack on attack ads". This really says a lot about the lack of real political discourse in this country.

While a lot is being said about the "low-brow" discourse, no-one seems to be delving into the real problems: media cross-ownership and unabated advertising, in and out of writ.

Michael Moore recently spoke in Madison WI regarding the dangers to American democracy. His first "enemy" of democracy was the agglomeration of MSM in the hands of the filthy rich. With increased media cross-ownership, the MSM controls not only the message, but also the medium. In the US, as well as Canada, a handful of mega-conglomerates control the dissemination of information (cable cos, telcos, etc.), as well as TV channels, radio stations, supposedly "independent" studios, and movie studios.

Only a moron would assume that the concentration of media ownership does not influence voter intent. Millions of people plugged into canned programming that grows less and less stimulating and intellectual. Newscasts have turned into "opinion". Very few non-partisan channels continue to exist outside of public sources.

Add to this situation a year-round mix of political ads - mainly by one party. Ads cost money, and networks rake in the dough. Networks bend over for their advertisers, and typically "he who advertises the most, gets 'juiced' the most". Slowly, we are allowing those with the most funds to control public opinion. Meanwhile candidates hide out from the voters, wrap themselves with partisan crowds, and rarely show up at local debates. Voter engagement is non-existent.

So, how do we fix this? How do we fix our flailing democracy? We advocate a 3-step strategy:

1) Tightly cap campaign spending. Limit spending to an attainable figure (perhaps $5 million nationally, and lower at a local level than the $80K). This will stop the deluge of ads ruining our "Hockey Night In Canada" bliss. It will also force candidates to actually get out and really electioneer - shake hands, knock doors, and attend all-candidates forums.

2) Cut off partisan political advertising (including 3rd party ads) during any time but the writ period. This move (election promise???) would have the public squarely behind it. Who actually likes political ads? No-one in the general voting public. Only partisans can take pleasure in what their side has hatched.

3) Work to restore media freedom in Canada. This step would admittedly take longer, but it is for the betterment of our democracy. We are having elections "bought and paid for", or slowly getting to the point. What does the general public have in common with a handful of billionaire media moguls? Not much. Yet, it is the opinion of the media moguls and their paid advertisers that the public hears, repeatedly through the year.

Media conglomerates exercise WAY too much political power in this land. There is no reason that the owners of the medium also control the entire message. Cross-ownership of media is a pox on democracy, and must be stopped. Strict guidelines need to be put out to ensure diversity in the media sphere.

Government must strictly enforce the CRTC mandate that all stations/networks provide free OTA (over the air) signal to Canadian homes. Allowing networks/stations to develop OUTSIDE of the sphere of influence of the cable and telco giants is healthy for diversity of opinion and competition. It is also better for the consumer - and will garner votes.

So, there you have it. The WesternGrit plan to kill multiple birds with one stone: Better voter involvement (we GOTTA do better than 60% voting), less media bias, cleaner airwaves (without political ads), and politicians we can actually find during an election - and beyond.

Note: No birds were harmed in the production of this blog.

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4 TOP Conservatives Charged With Breaking The Law!

While the public hears the truth - or the Conservative version of reality - the truth is that senior Conservatives - including sitting MPs - have been charged with criminal activity involving the potential FIXING of the 2006 Federal Election!


Four of Stephen Harper’s closest advisors, including two recently appointed to the Senate, have been charged with serious offences against the Elections Act. They appear in court next week.

According to Elections Canada (the independent agency established by Parliament to make sure Canadian voting is honest and fair) the Conservative Party worked an illegal scheme in past elections to violate campaign spending limits nationally and bilk taxpayers for extra rebates locally.

Elections Canada alleges the Conservatives – and ONLY the Conservatives – tried to get away with $1.3 million in illegal advertising and $800,000 in illegal rebates.

Mr. Harper claims this is just a “minor administrative matter”. Really?

The charges involve the most senior Conservative officials, based on an exhaustive investigation since 2006.

That investigation was authorized by two consecutive Chief Electoral Officers and pursued by the Commissioner of Elections Canada (a former Crown prosecutor). It included a police raid on Party headquarters, resulting in the seizure of apparently forged documents.

The charges were approved in advance by Canada’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) – an officer appointed by Mr. Harper himself. The DPP says there’s “voluminous” evidence of illegal conduct. The penalties are fines or jail terms.

That’s some “administrative” matter! The courts will decide. But two other points should be noted:

First, while more than 60 local Conservative constituency organizations were pressured by national Party officials to participate in this deceitful scheme, some had the courage to refuse – because it just didn’t smell right.

They were branded “undisciplined turds and idiots” by their own Conservative Party bosses. That shows you the mentality of the people running the Harper machine.

And secondly, this case comes amidst a raft of other Conservative misdemeanors – Bev Oda doctoring documents and failing to tell the truth; Jason Kenney improperly fund-raising among “ethnic” voters. And on it goes!

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Harper's "Interpretation" of The Law

Note Harper's "interpretation" of the Law...

Yup. That's what he says in response to QP questions regarding his party's breaking Elections Canada rules. He clearly repeats that they respect Elections Canada's "interpretation" of the law.

Of course he is just putting that notion out there - that what EC is accusing them of is only an INTERPRETATION of the law.

Similar to every single other time a Conservative breaks the law, or the rules, Harper won't apologize or fix the matter - he will simply attack the other and try to claim that the law is just one groups' "interpretation".

That's our "law and order" PM. Go spend another few billion on creating more prisoners to fill new prisons Stevie Boy!

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