Monday, March 07, 2011

Bill C-32 Ads - Broadcasters Attack Liberals

Partisan ads by Canadian Broadcasting Consortium attacks the Liberal Party over position on Bill C-32.

Let's be very CLEAR. Bill C-32 is BAD for Canadian media consumers and BAD for Net Neutrality. The broadcasters would have you believe they are looking out for our best interest.


Ask someone like Michael Geist what Bill C-32 could do to those of you who like to download (not even to share) music, movies, and other media.

Fight for a free internet! Fight for Media Freedom!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks WG,

Yes. Bill C-32 pushes us over the edge of a slippery slope, where people are afraid to speak out against corruption, and where such speech can be removed by those with money and lawyers, but entirely without the oversight of our courts.
It is the end of the great liberating, unifying, empowering Internet that has already exposed enough corruption to topple governments, because people could speak anonymously. C-32 ends that.
We do not need to "update" our copyright law. Music, movies are still being made; articles and books are still being written. And pirate sites like isohunt are being prosecuted under current law.
But the holy hell of content filtering, data fingerprinting, and the threat of exile from the Internet, which Bill C-32 begins, must be stopped if there is to be any hope of controlling corruption in this new millenium.

WesternGrit said...

BTW, is it good for MSM broadcasters to be taking out public ads against a specific political party? They actually NAME the Liberal Party in the ads (even though, I would believe the NDP will also oppose the bill).

Something has to change...