Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Course Ignatieff's Immigrant "Experience" Wasn't The Same

If Ignatieff's ancestors came to Canada today, Harper would have had the army board their ship mid-sea, quarantine them on-board, then put them in "holding prisons/camps" because he is worried they might be "terrorists".

As an immigrant child - parents came over here, I can attest to the true modern immigrant experience. Most "regular" immigrants these days are the lucky few who have enough money to leave their former countries. Our parents flew over on jet airplanes, and came here usually to study (particularly those who came in the 60's and 70s, and even 80s. More recently lots have come to labor as well.

The Ignatieffs were the pre-cursors to the modern refugee. People like the Ignatieffs came over in much hardship - sailing over the ocean. Crowded ships, vermin, disease, and the like. Today, there are still a class of immigrants who suffer escaping hostile regimes, torture, hardship on ocean voyages, etc. Conservatives today would question these refugees as "terrorists", and would prefer to lock them up in detainment centers.

Yup - Ignatieff's family's immigrant experience would have been different today for sure - Harper would have had them locked up as possible subversives/terrorists... possibly returning many of them to the clutches of dangerous European regimes.

Is anyone else as sick as this child of immigrants is, over Harper's continued usage of immigrants (or "very ethnics") for his own purposes, while he continues to do nothing to further our actual causes and ideals? While his party does everything they can to allow discrimination of minorities - while they continue to break down any protection minorities have? While they trash the Charter of Rights? We knew it back when these guys were actually speaking the truth as Reformers - now we need to "read between the lines". Just further proves how completely anti-immigrant, deep down, this Conservative regime really is...

God forbid a majority for this bunch.

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