Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"You People"???

Really, Steve?

"You People"?

That's a pretty typical expression for someone who views minorities as "outsiders", "not one of us", or somewhat less than "us".

Is that what you think of us now? Of course it is. It's how your slack-jawed, Flintstones-are-a-documentary, ignorant, xenophobic, minions have always thought of us...

Just want to use us for our votes... Hoping we (minorities) won't notice how you'd rather we didn't come here? Hoping that we'll be the one's that will give you the majority that will let you pull our Charter Rights?

Get ready for a fight, you "couldn't hack it in Toronto", socially misfit, culturally inept, egomaniac!

A senior Ignatieff official noted that the Conservative Leader, in his speech, referred to the members of the various cultural groups as “you people,” which he deemed questionable.

The official was referring to Mr. Harper's speech Monday, in which he said: "Friends, I know you're here for one thing. You're here for Canada. People who live here, people who live in Brampton, in Mississauga, and Etobicoke. You people have come to this country from the world over because you believe in this country."

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Sorry, what's this a reference to?