Monday, April 04, 2011

Liberal Platform - Families Come First

Latest Goodale Report (on the campaign trail)...


The choice in this election is crystal clear.

Who should rank first on the federal government's priority list -- middle-class families or the biggest, wealthiest corporations?

The Harper regime has opted for corporations. They're getting a big Conservative tax cut of $3-billion this year, rising to nearly $6-billion next year and ongoing.
Meanwhile, any tax relief or new benefits for families must wait at least five years.

Take a number and wait in line, Mr. Harper tells families -- these corporations are more important right now.

What businesses does he favour? Certainly not small businesses which generate the most jobs.

No, Conservative largesse is reserved for the biggest and wealthiest 5-percent of businesses. In fact, the main beneficiaries from extra corporate tax cuts are the six big banks (which reported $21-billion in profits last year).

Companies like these have already had their tax rates cut by 35%. They already had the lowest rates in the G-7 (except for the UK), and a 25% advantage over the US.

Both the Finance Department and Statistics Canada say extra tax cuts for these corporations will produce virtually no immediate jobs.

So why would the federal government go borrow another $6-billion per year to cut corporate taxes? (And, borrow this government must, because Mr. Harper is running a massive Conservative deficit!)

By contrast, Liberals will put families first -- ahead of large corporations.

We believe corporate tax rates should remain at the globally-competitive levels of last year. Further rate cuts should await a balanced budget.

The $6 billion saved every year should be used to reduce the deficit AND invest in families.

Access to post-secondary education. Childcare. Family caregiving. Healthcare. Pensions. And retro-fitting homes to save energy.

These are better priorities.

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Anonymous said...

When will it stop?

These new spending promises will cost $100's of billions in the next coming generation.And that's just the new spending announced this election.

Then what? Free (or heavily subsidized)food? Free houses?
Free vacations? Free lawyers to sue? Free solar lights? Free car? Free insurance? Free internet and webcams? Free...

Let people and businesses big and small keep as much money as possible to benefit their families and clients.

I think Canadians have had enough of the fantasy promises. We'll find out in about a month.

Leeky Sweek said...

You forgot to mention the national cap-and-trade scheme. That'll be a big hit in AB.