Friday, April 15, 2011

Was This a Conservative Attempt (Again) At Election Fraud?

Guelph students vindicated, as Harper thugs fail to shut down voting!

My God! Am I reporting on events in Libya or Iraq? No... Sadly, this story comes from right here in Canada.

Is there something wrong with the electorate when they don't slap down a government that had made abuse of power such an art form? There are so many Conservative scandals to talk about today, but THIS really takes the cake - and speaks to fundamental attempts to thwart our democracy.

Time for students across Canada to rise up and VOTE this dictator out!

Like the typical hostage syndrome Canadian voters have been dulled to the sense of outrage at Harper's attempts to dismantle our democracy. It's what a $20 Million spin machine can do for you - particularly if much of the private media is already bought and paid for (perhaps even sitting with peachy appointments now).

This latest act will be blamed - by Harper - on "overzealous party workers", and he will distance himself, as he always does. But... BUT... if this was a random act by low level Conservative peons, why was a Conservative Party attorney present? Obviously official sanction was had.

So... who in PMO gave the order to shut down student voting at Guelph???

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Andrea Micieli said...

Please sign this petition:
A person who pushes an Elections Canada volunteer and attempts to grab a ballot box away from a polling station should not be employed by a Minister of the Crown.