Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Will Harper Deal With Quebec?


Many claim that Harper will actually act like a "unifying federalist" regarding Quebec. That he will cede much to Quebec to try to be a federalist. Why would he do that? What does Harper have to gain from keeping in Canada the most progressive, most "liberal" (in the true sense of the word) group of Canadians ever? Would the Harper party be willing to fight for the "Canadian-ness" of "artsy-fartsy", "socialist" Quebecers? Would he promise all sorts of things to make that happen? Harper content with giving away the store? He's up to much more than that.

Growing up in the Prairies - and having a Reform MP for a Godfather (yes)... I know what these guys have been saying since day one: they have always hated Quebec, and want Quebec to separate from Canada. Ask any foaming-at-the-mouth Reform-a-Tory and they'll tell you what they think of Quebec. Many of their "base" in AB, SK, and Manitoba are still raging over French being "forced" on them. Their angry bile of NEP, gun registry, Kyoto, the Canadian Wheat Board, and "French" are real. Some of those hates go back to the 70s and cross generations.

Harper will surprise us on the Quebec situation. He won't cede anything... He'll just say goodbye to the Province which hasn't liked him from day one. He will do this to tilt the Parliamentary numbers massively in his favor... destroying Canada's progressive nature - for so much of that is based in the very strong and vibrant Quebec culture.

Harper has no interest in Quebec. He knows he's guaranteed a massive tilt in political culture without Quebec in Confederation. He also knows that it will help him sink further daggers into his blood-enemy - the Liberal Party of Canada. His followers are united in a blood-hate of Quebec and French culture.

How can any sane observers even consider Harper to be a "federalist"? The Sovereignist forces are his best friends. Mark my words... The day may come.

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Skinny Dipper said...

If saying "Good-bye" to Quebec will be Harper's strategy, he should not expect that Canadian outside Quebec will want to remain in his autocracy. Maybe Harper's plan is to destroy Canada one province at a time.