Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Am I Ethnic Enough? - Pt 2 - Exploitation of Minorities

I wonder if my "very ethnic" "costume" is "ethnic" enough for Mr. Harper?

Wonder if I should break out my "very ethnic" pointy, gold-embroidered shoes???

The racial ignorance of the Harper Conservatives sickens me.

Patronizing does not begin to explain the demeaning way in which they are treating Canadians of multiple ethnic backgrounds.

There is something very wrong with a political party which cannot use it's policy to attract non-mainstream voters, and would rather give the impression that they have some sort of community "endorsement" by posing faked images EXPLOITING NEW CANADIANS.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Then the candidate in question throws a staffer under the bus, just like Steve does. That staffer was under instruction and everyone must know it. The plan was obviously in place as he stated they were missing people with Middle Eastern attire. It looks like their calls to others was heeded. Phony, contrived, deceitful. So Harper.