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"Minister Of Curry In A Hurry" - What Does It Mean?

Jason Kenney must resign.  Some concerned folks have already started a Facebook Group:

Jason Kenney Should Resign

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To people who aren't South Asian, let me translate what this statement by the "Minister of Multiculturalism" means to us:

It means that his platitudes towards the prized "ethnic vote" is simply a means to an end, and is something he does begrudgingly - going against everything he ever stood for (if you see his comments and actions in the past: calling Sikhs "hot-headed", speaking out against Canada's multicultural policies in Parliament, etc., etc.).  Kenney himself has been candid about this fact.  He has only ONE goal in courting "ethnics" - and it's not for their betterment or empowerment.  Certainly NOT Trudeau-esque goals.

It quite simply means that the Conservatives want to USE the ethnic vote to crank out a majority.  It is a matter of convenience, and Kenny is the "delivery boy" (in Conservative circles, at least).  

The true definition of the term "conservative" simply doesn't let them accept immigrants or "ethnics".  We ethnics are fine when we're in our place - mindlessly supporting their "token" ethnic candidates during elections.  Don't try to seek a nomination though, or you'll be called "hot-headed" - or worse... I've been called much worse.  

On another blog, here's how I responded to feigned (obviously Conservative) outrage:

"I never started to compare a backroom Liberal Party volunteer's comments with the comments of the MINISTER of Multiculturalism. The two simply don't compare. The Minister has far greater breadth and impact with his statements. He should be ashamed... The manufactured outrage about the comments in the restaurant by two white MPs who've spouted off worse stuff is just precious. ... and KKKinsella? That shows your ignorance, given the man's life-long crusade against Canadian racists. If KKKenney had such a background I would consider his comments "just a stupid off-color joke", but knowing his past and past comments, I know that's not true. To another comment: As someone growing up on the prairies, incessantly hearing jokes about "curry": "hey curry breath".. "what smells?", etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Many of my kind were traumatized to a point where they were embarrassed to eat or partake in one of the finest cuisines in the world - and a very popular one at that... SO, don't try to tell me what's hurtful. You have to live it to know it.

"Ron": that's precious, coming from a Conservative with the record of "truth" over the past 2 years... Hate? I only hate haters. That's it. I'm actually considered one of the kindest, friendliest people by friends and strangers. The "nice guy" always. I just despise "haters" of any kind.

And THAT'S the bottom line: Kenney is a hater. Plain and simple. Why has Harper placed the "fox in charge of the henhouse"? The easiest way to destroy something (multi-culturalism) is from within. The Conservative dogma is still there: we don't like "special interests" (and that includes minorities. For Conservatives, multiculturalism has always been a hated thing. Harper has always wanted to "shut it down".  

Conservatives have no use for minorities/ethnics/immigrants (whatever the term of the day)... they simply need to use their vote to win some suburban ridings (so they aren't always shut out of urban centers). In doing so, they also hope to appeal to what they THINK are important feelings amongst the "ethnics"... Conservatives think that religion, fear of gays (another disparaged minority), and a "business mindset" will be the factors that attract "ethnics" to them. That's a giant leap in supposition. Most of "us" don't put our religion that far ahead of life in general (jobs, dinner, etc.). Most of us also feel at least kinship with many minorities (including same-sex couples). Business "mindset"... lol... Conservatives kill the economy every time they're in power. Liberals have always been best for business.

Kenney's statements have been many, and hurtful. It takes being a target to feel the hurt.  

Jason Kenney should step down as Minister of Immigration.

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Reid said...

Jason Kenney likes Indian food and eats too much of it in the form of fast food and it's making him fat. Boy that sure sounds racist to me. *rolls eyes*

Could you BE any more desperate?

WesternGrit said...

Hey Reid: We, at WesternGrit could care less what it means to Kenney. The bottom line is that his comments were hurtful to me and people I know. It's like the taxi driver jokes, we've also heard.

Besides, I think Kenney's "challenge" existed BEFORE he started being forced to Indian events in a cheap attempt to buy votes.

Also, we (WesternGrit) are concerned about his disparaging of Indian cuisine (restauranteurs among us) in these troubling economic times. Should the restaurant owners among us sue Kenney for remarks that hurt the industry??? A national MINISTER saying Indian food makes people fat? I've been eating it all my life, and I'M not fat. Neither are the other writers on this blog.

Once again, I love how hurtful comments are re-interpreted through the eyes of those who they can't possibly hurt. You have no right to say these comments are not hurtful - not until you've been on the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up. Kenney has said dumber things in the past -- this is not even in the top three.

Ethnic voters have not abandoned the Liberal party. Just because a lot of them didn't care much for Dion or the sponsorship scandal doesn't mean they suddenly love Harper.

Most of them will vote for Iggy.

Marion said...

Why are you so worried ? If Kenny is against immigrants, the Conservatives will lose the
immigrant vote. The fact of the matter is, that you seem to put all immigrants in a
collective basket. There are those that hate Canadian values and there are those that
love them. Kenny spoke against those immigrants (and you know who they are even if you
want to sugar-coat your article and not mention them by their ethnicity) that think Canadian
values should be flushed down the toilet. I migrated from India from a Roman Catholic
background and all the Canadian Indians I know vote Conservative. Please do not talk on our
behalf. Just say you are talking for muslims, dont say you are talking for immigrants.
Immigrants come in all colors from all over the world and from all religions. Grouping us together
like you have done is an INSULT to immigrants who do not want to be grouped with muslims
who love to bite the hand that feeds them. Got me? Also, I take offense to the "curry" reference. Now start apologizing to people who like to eat curry. I thought Liberals lived to be "politically correct". Am I wrong ?

WesternGrit said...

Kenney HAS said dumber things in the past... that doesn't justify this. And... he always seems to get away with it... being Reform's resident "golden boy"...

It's sad...

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe that Kenney should resign? Really?

What about Kinsella, then, should he also resign for his asian restaurent's serve cat meat comment?

Think about it... Canadian politics is dying and bloggers are playind stupid gotcha games. This will not return libs to power.

By the way, Kinsella should have to resign. Not for comments, but for setting bad example for political staff.

WesternGrit said...

Marion: Worried? What exactly ARE you talking about? What would I be "worried" about? We're rising in the polls. Minorities continue to reject Conservatives (the vast majority of us do), and the Conservative government continues to destroy the economy - meaning a swift - and coming - Liberal government.

Judging by your comments, it's "curious" to see how you bash one particular group - makes you a true representative of the Conservatives you claim to speak for. Very fitting.

The "Canadian Indians you know" must be a pretty small group. My best friend in Toronto is part of a South Asian Christian Association, and he, his family, and thousands of his group (judging by numbers from nominations and elections) vote our way.

You see... the difference between us and you (conservatives) is one simple thing: acceptance of those things that are different. We accept - you people prefer to dislike, distrust, or hate.

I'd much rather be in a "big tent" party. I can't say that I "preach" or "push" any religion - I believe in the acceptance of all...

Oh... I LOVE the argument that a party that has policies which WORK for visible minorities and immigrants is somehow "bunching them all together". One only needs to look at statistical and demographic evidence to see where we prefer to vote (or go to a Conservative convention or riding board meeting (I've been to both), and see how many minorities find themselves in the room (besides the "window dressing" behind the leader on stage).

It is the Conservative Party which is amorphously attacking minority sensibilities with their glad-handing tactics which have no reason but the "ends" itself: to shamelessly bring in "curry in a hurry"... the "ethnic" vote, etc. Like their nice little manuals on how to disrupt Parliament, the Conservatives have a formal process on how to try to deceive minorities into voting for them. It "seems" to work in the public eye - at times - UNTIL... (oh yeas, UNTIL) some Conservative MP speaks his mind on why he is a Conservative.

As far as your thoughts (expressed quite clearly in your post), I can have some comfort in assuming that you are best suited to conservatism. It is a good parking spot for your dislike of a particular people (which is why I even published your rant - it proves my case).


WesternGrit said...

Anon: I think what a MINISTER of a particular department sworn to uphold the values of that department does on a daily basis, SAYS, is more important. Once again, I'll reiterate: WK has been a champion of human rights all his life. Jason Kenney can never say that. He has no track record of standing up for minorities. On the contrary, all he's ever been noted for is disparaging remarks...

I'm brown, and when I joke with my Caribbean, Brown, or Asian friends, we all know where it is coming from. We all know we're not racists. If some stranger comes up to us and repeats the same "joke", we'll give them what for...

Marion said...

WesternGrit - it took you a day to post my comment because it probably took you that long to respond to it.
Jason Kenny is an intelligent man.
He not only has excellent brains which he exercises often (unfortunately many of us exercise to have svelte bodies and let our brains linger in the arms of cobwebs) but I am happy to see that he also has very knowledgeable tastebuds. Wow.
Anybody who likes curry and speaks out his mind is a hero in my books.
Being politically correct is what
gives politicians the reputation that they have, "Untrustworthy". Let the man speak his mind. Truth can hurt, but it should not change form.

I wish I could write in detail to respond to your comment re. my earlier comment.
It's true that I raved and ranted. I have discovered to my unhappy surprise that if one behaves like the Hamas and Hezbollah supporters, one is given attention from people you least expected to.
Who would have thought the ranting and raving supporters of terrorist organizations would actually teach, "heretobefore" calm, collected folks like me a thing or two. Many thanks to all you Liberals and commies for a valuable lesson learnt.
On the issue of your best friend in Toronto (I am from Toronto too) and others always voting Liberal - I have this to say:
I have to thank my lucky stars once again for having been blessed with the "right" kind of friends. You see my circle of friends are all thinkers and intellectuals as I gave up fluff as soon as I got out of my teens. You won't find me going into hysterics watching the gyrations of rock stars, not any more.
I think you said a few other things, but let both of us LET GO of this issue. I happen to be prowling the internet looking at Lib blogs and the word "curry" caught my attention.
Lastly, next time you talk about immigrants, PLEASE remember that all immigrants from India DO NOT think like YOU THINK they SHOULD THINK.
Good luck with your blog.

WesternGrit said...

Hi Marion:

Thanks for the reply. It took a day, or longer, in some cases, because I DO have a day job... that doesn't let me surf all day. Running a business will do that to you...

As far as your opinion that he "likes curry"... let's be real. I will continue to point you back to a long history of statements made by Jason Kenney (many are in Hansard, most all can be searched on the web), where he has criticized Canada's policy of multiculturalism, and members of various - and in particular one - ethnic group...

That Mr. Kenney has to force himself to eat the fare at the events he's forced to attend says nothing of his own thoughts on the matter. Having lived in his end of town in Calgary, I know otherwise.

The very fact that Kenney is vocal about the food not sitting well with him is in itself proof of where he stands. He doesn't have to like it. He shouldn't joke about it in this economic climate. Insulting those of us who enjoy the meals is not the best tact at winning favor. Criticizing the calorie value of a food won't help you with the restaurant owners...

Mr. Kenney continues his "McCarthy-istic" crusade, destroying Canada's relationships with countries like China - at the very time we need those links most. Yes, that definitely speaks to his "brains"... commonly known as intelligence.

Having studied the sociology of nations/urban centers, etc. in my undergrad years (part of my "minor" curricula), I am not "guessing", but making a pretty accurate statement about which parties new Canadians tend to support. Demographic data is everywhere - one does not need to guess.

Your opinion of the "right kind of friends" is your own. I choose to be open-minded, and open to change. This is what makes me a moderate, middle of the road liberal...

John Larocque said...

The whole incident smacks of faux-outrage. To me, it's a kind of partisan tit-for-tat, after WK's off-colour cat joke. And there's nothing wrong with that, but I don't get the sense there was a lot of genuine agony over eitiher incident. "I have engorged myself with a lot of Indian food."

Interestingly enough, there's a scene in RockNRolla where the Wild Bunch are chasing (and being chased) by the Russians near some train tracks. Moments earlier the Rusians were victims of a hit and run and robbed by the Wild Bunch. A chase ensued,and one of them crosses a bicycle-carrier with fast food curry in a box clearly labelled, "Curry in a hurry." After I saw that, I immediately thougth of Jason Kenny. Wouldn't it be great to get a screen-shot of that?

A cursory google search of one of the London establishments of "Curry in a Hurry" indicated that one client waited 2 hours for their substandard fare.