Monday, February 09, 2009

Today's "Warren File"

Warren makes quite a solid point about Jason Kenney's "pro-immigrant" stance on his blog today:

"You can read more about Jason Kenney here. He’s all for multiculturalism. Unless you happen to be gay or lesbian, that is."

Warren... you forgot to add "Canadian Muslim child languishing in foreign prison", and Jason Kenney's comments about "hot-headed Sikhs playing the race card" during a nasty nomination battle not a few years ago... And... don't forget his shot at South Asians from the Komagata Maru Foundation in Surrey asking for an apology from the Federal Conservative Government on the FLOOR of the Commons (something Mr. Dion promised to do if elected). Harper snuck into Surrey, strong-armed event organizers (at a public festival commemorating the incident), and was loudly booed off the stage when he didn't offer a Parliamentary apology. Kenney - when confronting organizers who protested further - spouted a "you got your apology in Surrey", and basically "that's the only apology you'll be getting" (email transcripts are available from organizers...

Kenney was one of the most "angry about immigration" Reform/Alliance MPs of old. Ever wonder why Harper put him in charge of immigration? Kind of like the fox guarding the hen house, isn't it? Seems that whenever Harper wants to destroy another element of government (Senate, Environment Dept., etc.) he tosses in one of his agitators. These clowns are only good at one thing: destroying government and it's institutions. Don't like the Senate? Appoint Senators who will make the public wonder why we have one. Don't like multiculturalism? Start planting the seeds by appointing a minister who has no use for multiculturalism and immigration (except anyone who will vote Conservative - hence the big push for "skilled" - [meaning European] labor for Alberta's oil patch over the past two years) (Oh... and that has back-fired now too - with the slowdown in AB - guess they'll just ship all those temp foreign workers home now?). Want to f@%& up the environment? Appoint a dunce followed by a rabid, frothing pit-bull who will work to cover the lack of effort from the government.

Want to destroy all the institutions of government? Just appoint a Harper minister.

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