Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 Questions For 80 Reporters.. You Know When Our Media Has Decided To Bend Right Over...

(And to our media, I - like the great Rt. Hon. P. E. Trudeau - humbly wave my middle finger.  Reporters of Canada - you deserve no better for your lack of journalistic integrity.  What happened to reporters exposing the truth?  Weren't there awards for that?  I guess the corporate paycheck is more important, eh?)

I think many people did a double take on Stephen Harper's recent - sure, I'll say it - f-ing b@llsh^t regarding climate change, and supposedly how "similar" Canada's (his) view is to Mr. Obama's.  

This comes from a leader who had his head buried so far up George Dubya Bush's sphincter, people often thought "Steve" was talking for Dubya...  Steve, is that chocolate on your lip?  No wonder your kids won't kiss ya, and Laureen hangs out with Baird...

Nation's the world over criticized the Harper Government for stalling climate talks.  The BS pile was so ripe and steamy - from the Harper team - that Canada won awards for our climate change "Bush-i-ness".  Canada obfuscated and denied under Harper.  The very same Stephen Harper who openly claimed "the jury's still out" on global warming.  The very same Stephen Harper who stood with his party, many a time, in Parliament to block or convince the Canadian media to speak ill of any climate change moves the Liberal governments of Chretien or Martin tried to make (one only needs to read Hansard from the times of Kyoto ratification).  Stephen Harper - the ultimate climate change denier.

That horrible little cockroach of a "man" - Stephen Harper - now wants to claim that he shares "ideological ground" with America's Liberal champion - Barack Obama.  The very same Barack Obama who almost had Harper operatives scuttle his Democratic Party nomination last year (remember the NAFTA controversy?).  The self-same Conservatives who used to cheer-lead everything a US conservative/Republican did - from Limbaugh/Bush/Cheney, right on down to Palin, now want to ride on the PR coat-tails of the Obama liberal wave in the US???  The same Conservatives who whined about "elitist intellectual Liberals", and "ivory tower elites"?

Where's the outrage?  Where's our cajone-less media?  Whatever happened to investigative journalism in this country?  Why can't our wannabe journalists speak out about blatant lies?  The FIFTH estate is letting our nation down.  They are supposed to be the body that exposes the lies and corruption of those in power... not a body that lays down and plays nice so they can hope to win a lottery to ask one of four questions allowed to 80 international journalists by a megalomaniac Prime Minister.

Just for a change, I'd like to see a few reporters WITH CAJONES, "stand up for Canada" and scrum the two leaders (well, one and a half leaders) like they would have back in the days of Martin, Chretien, Campbell, Mulroney, or Trudeau...  C'mon reporters - grab some...

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