Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prairie Bumper Sticker

"No to C68"

"No to Wheat Board"

"No to Senate"

This was a popular bumper sticker on the Prairies from the late 80s on towards the current era...  You couldn't find a "self-respecting" pick-up driving, gun-toting, angry Conservative Westerner who didn't have that sticker on their back bumper.

Stand by for a "rewind".  These are the issues that helped create the Reform Party, and these are the issues some of the Conservative MPs are going to try to live or die on.  The economy is tanking faster than they are letting on.  They know more than they are saying, and they are desperately going to try to shore up their "angry" support with these 3 "cardinal conservative issues".  Angry supporters are just as likely to "stay home" - or even vote NDP in the next election.

Based on the Reformers (including Harper) going back to their base, just watch how ugly this next election will be.  The desperate MPs on that side will be fighting for their lives and the xenophobic comments will start rolling off the tongues again.  They'll bash immigrants, women, First Nations, Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic, etc., etc., etc. - all their favorite targets of old.

Be on the lookout for more bumper stickers.

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foottothefire said...

I may be missing something WG but how will that campaign style differ from anything federal or provincial for the last 40 years???

The Jurist said...

No doubt they'll try to reclaim all of those issues.

But two of those issues now look to be in the NDP's column. Since Harper has said a resounding and ongoing "yes" to Senate-based patronage, he can't figure to get much traction there. And three years after the Cons took power, an NDP MP is doing just as much as anybody within the Cons to deal with the gun registry.

gingercat said...

Don't know if you heard about the new Conservative private bill going through that addresses the deficiencies in C68. It's already started. See the following links for more info.