Saturday, April 23, 2011

Parm Gill - Conservative Candidate (According to translation) Calls Edmonton Area Residents "Rednecks"

Interesting indeed:

Conservative Candidate Parm Gill spoke on the "Sardari" TV program on Vision TV today. In his interview - in attempting to explain how Tim Uppal got the MP-ship in Edmonton East, the translation of the program clearly indicates he called the locals "rednecks" and called it a "most redneck area".

Very interesting.

Wonder if Conservative HQ knows about this? Wonder what the "base" thinks?

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WesternGrit said...

There is no link... Vision TV does not put all shows online. This program - "Sardari" - runs Saturday. It is a "Punjabi" language program. This show was "new" and I believe aired for the first time today. I do believe "Sardari" - like all Vision programs is on a "repeat" pattern, and will air again within 6-8hrs (evening BC time). My translator was watching it today, and did a "Say what???" when he heard the comments made by Gill. I also heard the comments, but asked for a clear translation.

I would act fast to contact Vision and get a transcript of the program, since it seemed the host of the show was pretty pro-Gill, and clearly seemed to endorse him several times. Don't want the tapes to magically get erased. LPC should move fast on this.