Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inflation: 3 Letters To A Perfect Solution

Canadians are up in arms about ridiculous gas prices. It becomes a major ballot issue. What can we do to fix this? What wedge issue do we have in our hip pockets that could REALLY hit home with Canadians?

How about some sort of National Energy Policy that would see a "Canadians First" price distribution system for oil/gas???

In Saudi (which some say has less oil reserves than Canada) they pay WAY less for a liter of oil. Same is the case in most OPEC countries. So... why are we allowing oil companies to screw Canadians?

Who exactly would we piss off with this type of policy? Some Alberta oil robber barons? Some big multi-national oil companies? What's the upside? Millions of Canadians grateful that someone actually DID something.

So... who wants to run with this very valid issue? Who wants to guarantee lower gas prices to Canadians to help take a bite out of inflation and put something back into Canadians' pocketbooks?

Anyone with the cajones? Anyone want to WIN this election tomorrow? Unite East and West (well, maybe not all of Alberta)?

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Clown Party said...

I think production and transportation costs come to about 65 cents/ltr. The rest is all taxes. Both Prov and Natl taxes are suppose to be used for roads, yet end in general funds account. Therefore if the taxes were cut in half, then gasoline would be much lower. (That is how I understand problem - same goes for heating fuel.) The Feds can even drop the GST and it would have little effect - you need Prov tax drop also, therefore it will stay the same.

You can compaire gas prices at this link:


you can compaire your Prov with others - even the States. You can also see how much per US Gallon it costs.