Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debate on Democracy and "Being Ganged Up On"

So... there was a point in the debate where there was an exchange on the REASON for this election.

Iggy hammered Harper on this: "The reason we are in an election is your contempt of Parliament..." Layton and Duceppe pounded Harper too (with BOTH making Harper look like a fool and liar regarding the 2004 Harper Coalition agreement).

Thing is... Harper kept lying about how the contempt vote was a result of "being ganged up on" by the other parties.

ALL Iggy, Layton, Duceppe, et al had to say was, "Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, and Lester Pearson ALL had minorities, and were NEVER found in contempt when THEY were out-numbered in committee Mr. Harper. Why was YOUR government the first minority government EVER found in contempt in the entire Commonwealth"?

The very DEFINITION of why we are having this election, and the Harper party continues their mantra that they were only found in contempt because they were outvoted in committee. It's NOT an excuse. They are NOT the only gov't ever having a minority, and outvoted in committee.

Missed opportunity.

Oh well. All else considered, besides Harper being on the defensive and having to face his lies, no-one really "lost" this debate...

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