Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Is The Conservative Crap We Just Can't Stand (Among Other Crap)


"An On Easter too. I guess Khalsa Day celebrations are more important than the major Christian Holiday. We see where Liberals and NDP priorities are."

... is the kind of comment from Conservatives and their supporters that I have just about had enough of... That I think most people of "visible minority" status are sick and tired of hearing.

It is a shame that these bigots and their silent cheerleaders are so close to a majority.

Don't give up the fight Canada! We are still 2/3's to 1/3 in favor of tossing these haters out. Let's just make sure we ID and PULL all next week! Vote strategically. Don't let Liberal votes split to the Cons in a seat where the NDP could win - and DON'T let NDP votes split in favor of Cons in seats that are Liberal, or Liberal winnable.

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Anonymous said...

harper himself was out campaigning yesterday (Easter) which and did an exclusive interview with Global TV news:

"On Sunday April 24, 2011 Global National’s Dawna Friesen interviewed Conservative leader Stephen Harper."