Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harper Not Rushing To Rescue (Yet)

Will Stephen Harper make a splashy landing in flood-ravaged Manitoba, Sask, and AB to bail out the people in the disaster zone?

Will he do it after he mulls over the idea of "appearing to dump more money on Conservative-held ridings"? Everything has to pass the optics test, you know... even if people suffer in the meantime.

Will his party "brain trust" decide that they don't care to support those suffering because most of them are on First Nations Reservations? (quite likely with this Harper bunch)

Will he have any money to do it? Okay... He does NOT have any money (or should we say "we" the taxpayers don't). He squandered it all on the Harper Structural Deficit (you know, the one where he squandered a $13 Billion surplus handed to him by the Martin/Goodale Liberals and turned it into a $12 Billion DEFICIT in less than a year - BEFORE the G8 economic downturn)?

Harper is in a dilemma today...

Does he fly to First Nations reserves in Manitoba and Sask with flood relief money promises - or does he simply ignore them and continue with his quest for majority - appearances of being an egomaniacal tyrant aside...?

To my friends in Sask and Man - don't expect any help soon (well... until the NDP and Liberals start speaking out about this)...

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