Wednesday, April 27, 2011

South Asian Senior Attacked In Abbotsford Last Night

A 65 year-old South Asian senior citizen was attacked in Abbotsford last night, by a white 20-ish male. The youth hurled racial epithets at a group of 4 South Asian seniors sitting on a park bench, then struck one in the head with an alcohol battle.

Racial attacks in one of the most Conservative ridings in the country - while Conservatives like to sit back and say, "there's no racism anymore".


Wanna be "tough on crime" Harper? Why not start by educating the ignorance out of some of our population?

Hate crime exists in Canada - and the Conservatives don't have an answer for that. In fact, they don't really care. To Conservatives racial attacks are probably just "freedom of speech" or "freedom of expression". Complaints are just more whining by "pinko" "lefties".

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