Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen Table Language For Debates...

One of the biggest issues facing Canada today is the Harper Structural Deficit (HSD). It is, however, a very "dry" issue that would be difficult to explain to most Canadians.

Harper walked into a Paul Martin-Ralph Goodale $13 Billion budget surplus, and even BEFORE the 2008 economic downturn (which Harper indicated would NOT happen - genius "economist" that he is) turned it into the biggest deficits in Canadian history. The ONLY thing that saved Canada was - in part - the spending advocated by the opposition parties on stimulus (and we're NOT talking about park benches in Muskoka). The structural deficit Harper created put us in a situation where we don't have the money to spend on things Canadians need. If you pair that with reckless spending on jets n' jails, you have a government with NO fiscal restraint at all.

How to explain this to Canadians without their eyes "glassing over"? Try this:

Imagine a family sitting at a kitchen table. Imagine they've come across tougher times. Maybe the business isn't doing well, or perhaps they have an elder relative that is ill. This family is looking for ways out of their financial dilemma. The Conservative answer would look like this: Have one of the parents (conservatives always assume a 2 parent household) quit their job.

Then start cutting spending. Hmmm... How wrong is that? Yet, this is what Harper did in 2006/7/8... and continues to do. He slashed government revenue, resulting in the structural deficit, and now will embark on "slash and burn" Reaganomics to cut spending to things he doesn't like (KAIROS, Stats Can, Gun registry, public health care, etc., etc.).

So you're the family at the kitchen table. How do you save money? Does quitting a job, or going back to a part-time role make sense? This is exactly what Harper has done to this government. Will the government be there for Canadians in times of need? Not if Harper has his signatureVICTORY FUND

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