Monday, April 11, 2011

Damning Auditor General's Report Alleges Conservatives Hid True G8 Cost - Alleges Parliament Was Lied To

Wow... Just when the Bruce Carson story was getting "hot"...

We now have a leaked AG report that indicates some VERY troubling information about how the "Harper Government" allegedly mislead Parliament about the true cost of G8 security.

This is another one of those "ground-shakers", and will be extra ammo going into the debates!

Go Iggy!!!

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Sean Cummings said...

Might be a game changer, but I doubt it.

So far all I’m reading into this is the government funneled money into Clement’s riding and it may or may not have been illegal but that its up to Parliament to decide. This isn't, for example, anywhere in the same universe as someone getting a paper bag filled with taxpayer money in a hotel room - that kind of visual is something Canadians go ballistic over. But dumping money into a riding to win votes? That’s “how to get reelected 101″ Liberals did it when they were in power and now it’s the Conservatives turn. It’s why CF-18 contracts went to Quebec instead of Winnipeg. It’s why there’s a lot of road construction in certain ridings right now that have a lot of pot holes.

Sorry, I just don’t see the scandal in this, because this is just another government in a series of federal governments that raises blowing our money to an art form. Will have to watch the polls and see, I guess.