Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And More Blatant Conservative/Reform-a-Tory "Truth Deviations"

Flaherty on Saturday:

"A re-elected Conservative government -minority or majority -wouldn't make any changes to its already-released budget, other than to revise economic figures, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has pledged.

Conservatives have signalled that the document -sprinkled with tax breaks and other benefits for seniors, rural doctors, volunteer firefighters and others -will become their campaign platform.

"Parliament has not yet voted on a budget. Depending on timing, there might have to be an update of economic data, depending on when it might be," Mr. Flaherty told reporters in Calgary on Saturday night, at the end of a gathering of Western Hemisphere finance ministers. "But fundamentally, it will be the same document, updated if necessary.""

Then Harper reveals a $1.5 Billion (?) plan to give tax breaks to the less than 20% of families that comprise of stay-at-home Moms - in another veiled shot at women's rights and freedoms.

Has he costed this? Like everything else (including jets, jails, and attack ads) - NO.

Lying liars and lies they tell, huh?

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Annie said...

I think I heard 2.5 billion.