Monday, March 14, 2011

Contempt Of Parliament - It Used To Be A Serious Thing...

Latest Goodale report - chock full of good stuff...

I must add this: Many of the things the Conservatives do are disagreeable, and bad for the economy and Canadians as a whole. Yet, the root of the problem is not just in policy, but in the public's "buying in" of it - lock, stock, and barrel. The issue is the government's almost criminal ability to put only THEIR SIDE out there. We need to stop this for the sake of our democracy.

I have suggested a rough framework on how to do this - and our party needs to look into something like this.

Democracy is DEAD when only one side gets to tell their story.


A question often asked about the current minority Parliament is what causes it to be so bitter and rancorous? Some of the reasons are becoming more apparent.

The problem starts at the top – with Stephen Harper who believes he’s a privileged soul, above the law. He shows nothing but contempt for ordinary Canadians. Here are just a few examples:

Four of Mr. Harper’s closest associates – including two people he appointed to the Senate – are being hauled into Court this week.

They’re charged with violating Canada’s election laws. Following a police raid on Conservative Headquarters, the Director of Public Prosecutions says there’s “voluminous” evidence of serious illegal conduct. Mr. Harper condones that conduct.

And there’s more – The Conservative minister for foreign aid (Bev Oda) misrepresented the views of senior government officials, doctored documents, tried to cover-up and failed to tell the truth.

And more – When the House of Commons asked for documents detailing the multi-billion dollar cost of Conservative mega-jails and extra corporate tax cuts, Mr. Harper just thumbed his nose. That earned him a contempt citation.

And more – The Conservative minister of immigration was caught in an illicit political fund-raising scheme designed to manipulate newcomers to Canada – the very people over whom he holds decisive ministerial power. What a massive conflict-of-interest!

And more – The person hand-picked by Conservatives to be their “integrity commissioner” (investigating government wrong-doing) has a cozy relationship with Conservative ministers, fails to investigate a single complaint, gets chastised by the Auditor-General, and walks away with a half-million dollars and a promise to keep her mouth shut.

And more – The Parliamentary Budget Officer has calculated the cost of Mr. Harper’s new stealth-fighter war planes. The price-tag has nearly doubled to a shocking $30 billion – the biggest procurement boondoggle in Canadian history.

Abuse and dishonesty in Harperland know no bounds!

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Anonymous said...

Were not both Art Egglington and Anne Mclellan both found in contempt of parliament back in the early 90's, and, because the Libs had a majority when it went back to committee it was squashed by the Liberals? Didnt seem to be very serious then, not sure why it would be so serious now. Suck meet blow.

WesternGrit said...

Anon... Nice try with the partisan propaganda. No MP has been charged with contempt going back over 30 years (perhaps longer). Contempt of Parliament is a major matter. You guys seem content with brushing it off as a "distraction"...

You are also insinuating something VERY serious about Parliament and our Speaker's Office. Not even your PM would say that kind of thing directly...

Anonymous said...

You sure? I'm just going by memory and, was there not a finding by the speaker in 92 or 93 of contempt where the issue went back to committe, and, the committee was mostly Liberals? If not then Im wrong and apologise. Its serious now in my opinion, and, disgraceful. I was just going by memory....I used to sneak into the gallery before lunch when I was working downtown and I recall an incident, but, could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Milliken found prima facia evidence of contempt of parliament against Art Eggleton(2002) and Anne McLellan(2001). In both cases the matter was sent to committee where a Liberal majority exonerated the cabinet ministers.
Found this looking up Anne Mclellan on memory is not that bad after all.

WesternGrit said...

Do you have a link?

Never heard of anything like this.

If real, how do those two instances compare? I'm not sure, as I don't recall this at all. What was the contempt over? Was it over calling someone something? Or, was it withholding information in committee? Or from committee? My understanding is that the Speaker's ruling goes to committee if so indicated. Not sure why the (at the time) Alliance didn't pursue this? They were more focused on tax cuts, or other stuff.

It must have been a really minor thing if conservative MPs didn't make a deal of it, and the media didn't seem to give it wings.

Also, it is the majority of MPs that decide on a ruling of contempt... And - even if this were true - we're talking about a lot of years since this occurred.

At ANY rate, contempt is a serious thing, and saying, "the other guys did it" is no excuse. It's like saying - "that guy robbed the bank too". I thought this gov't was literally "holier than thou", and all about accountability?

We're pointing out the hypocrisy daily with this regime. And the abuses go beyond anything we've seen in years. No gov't has ever been this centrally controlled. No gov't has ever spent this much (or had as much debt/deficit). No gov't has ever spent this much money on partisan advertising. No gov't has ever had such a stream of revolving door scandals involving cabinet ministers in the history of Canada.

WILLY said...

FU Anon troll

Here's Eggleton's Wiki, he was fired from Cabinet for hiring his girl friend to do research.

Eggleton was fired from cabinet in May 2002, after he had hired his former girlfriend to do some research, creating an uproar over non-tendered contracts and Liberal conflict of interest scandals. This happened during the growing leadership turmoil between Chr├ętien and Paul Martin, the latter who departed cabinet just the next week in disputed circumstances.[1] Eggleton then became a member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade.

And there is nothing in Ann McLellan's

Go troll somewhere else.

ridenrain said...

News Flash: Liberal speaker of the house finds Conservatives in contempt.