Friday, March 25, 2011

On "The Coalition Ferry" (Not)

All Iggy needs to say is:

"To even begin to discuss such a fantasy scenario is to admit defeat... To admit that we won't finish ahead of the Conservatives in this election. I am NOT about to do that."

"Now why don't you go ask Mr. Harper that very same question, if he finishes second - and judging by the direction of recent polls, he just might by election day."

The point is, either party could finish second. Would Harper consider a coalition if he finished second? Would he even discuss it now (no)?

In politics, like in sports, you NEVER speculate about finishing 2nd. It's bloody idiotic.

Iggy just needs to spell that out for the press. He can also add, "We will only do what is traditional and permissible in our Parliamentary Democracy... The people - the Parliament - are the ultimate determinants of what will transpire."

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WesternGrit said...

Oh... and he might also add:

"I'll do no differently than Mr. Harper would do. As it stands, we're gaining in the polls, going into the election, and we have no intention of taking a defeatist attitude".

Rotterdam said...

He has not ruled out a coalition with separatists and socialists.

Door 1. The Coalition door, you can vote NDP, Liberal or Bloc.

Door 2. The Conservative door, you vote Conservative.

The Rat said...

Admit defeat? I thought a strong leader, confident of victory would be saying "Hell no! No coalition, we're going to win!" Too bad he doesn't have the guts to say that.

WesternGrit said...

Rotter: I don't think the Liberals will NEED any Bloc votes the way this one seems to be shaking out. At any rate, there is a pretty good answer coming on this...

WesternGrit said...

And the answer will most certainly be, "we don't need no stinkin' coalition to win this election..."

Keep trying though... This meme will dry up pretty soon. Better to quell it at the start of the campaign...

Savant said...

Saying what you suggested, "To even begin to discuss such a fantasy scenario is to admit defeat..." belies the fact of what happened with Dion in 2008.

Let's be very clear here. While a coalition is certainly constitutionally legitimate, in Canada - right now- it is not politically legitimate with many voters. That's the bottom line.

Had Dion not tried the coalition, and sent Tory support well above 50% for his trouble, we wouldn't be talking about this today - and Ignatieff could have used it without worry.

You only get ONE chance to do that, before people want to know if you will do it AGAIN. If Ignatieff doesn't come clean on this, it will haunt him for the duration of the campaign.

That may not be fair, and it may not be right, but it is what is going to happen.

Kam said...

LOL...."Keep trying though... This meme will dry up pretty soon. Better to quell it at the start of the campaign..."

"This meme will dry up pretty soon.." WG this is wishful thinking. IT HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW BIG OF A MISTAKE THIS WAS. The Red door is coming off the hinges....LOL.