Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Don't Just Pose...

While most federal Conservative MPs pretend to have some degree of education or talent, most Liberals don't have to pretend...

We've seen over the past four years what lack of intellect and thought-provoking policy has done to "Canada's New Government". We have Prime Minister who is a simp when compared to ANY of our past PMs. A man who is a mental midget with a one-track policy-mind. A man who looks like the boorish embarrassing uncle that isn't exactly worldy... The Boris Yeltsin (minus the education) of Canada.

It's what you get when you elect the party of "little thinkers". A party that prefers the lowest common denominator over mental stimulation and nation-building. A party that prefers dark-age revisionism over challenging and taking on the problems of today.

We may be at last election levels in the polls, but we have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. We have nothing to worry about either, because WHEN we get our collective shit together - and it won't be long (the pieces are being placed) - we will be annihilating the conservative scourge. They know it, and they fear it.

Liberals have always been the representatives of the forward thinking groups in societies. No matter in which nation, or in which time period, Liberal thought has been the engine of change and growth. Liberals have talent. Liberals have skills. Liberals have the ability to view issues through many different perspectives.

What led us into this early AM blog-ramble? Kinsella's painting. Seriously. We've got talent. It never amazes what hidden talents so many Liberals have. It's what differentiates us from the neanderthals of the political world. That painting shows us another thing: A liberal is a person who can perceive the world in varying perspectives. The true representation of the term Liberal, or "libra"... The balanced person.

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Rob Harvie said...

Where are the "forward thinking" Liberals in response to Bill C-47, the ISP spying bill?

The collective silence of the so-called "opposition" is deafening.

Platty said...

because WHEN we get our collective shit together - and it won't be long (the pieces are being placed)

How many years in a "won't be long"?