Friday, April 16, 2010

Does PM SH(it) Think Canadians Are Stupid?

Lie, lie, lie, and lie some more.

That's the Harper agenda. With new allegations coming to light every day, the evidence is quickly mounting.

Does Harper expect us to believe he knew nothing about one of his cabinet favorite's doings? Are we to expect that he never happened across "Radio Rahim" Jaffer in Helena's office? That he didn't see him on the Hill? That rumors of his actions didn't reach the PMO?

Does Harper think we'll believe there were no conflicts of interest in certain green energy programs? That sitting cabinet minister(s?) in his government weren't lining their pockets (we also have a case in PEI of another Harper Cabinet Minister possibly in a serious conflict situation - with funding assistance going to a family member)?

Does Harper believe that Canadians won't start seeing through his Western/Albertan brand of horseshit? His lies about accountability? His playing "mouse" while he lies to try to jockey position into a (quickly disappearing) chance at a majority?

In over 4 years the Harper government has taken a 13 BILLION $$$ surplus and turned it into the LARGEST DEFICIT IN CANADIAN HISTORY - BEFORE THE CURRENT RECESSION!!!

He has lied about income trusts (and senior's are starting to get pissed about that).

He has lied about his government's priorities, hiding true intentions (his anti-women and anti-minority, and anti-First Nations agendas).

He has denied the common truths in science, and openly fought with the best experts in the fields of nuclear science, climate science, and the medical community, then lied to the public by creating a false sense of "opposition to the science" of whatever issue he was arguing.

He has lied about his governments knowledge of goings-on in Afghanistan. Repeatedly. He even tried to create a false constitutional crisis to blame the opposition for doing what they are expected to do in a Parliamentary democracy, then prorogued the House.

Now we suspect, once again, that Harper is lying through his crooked little teeth...

The "fake" is starting to show through. From the colored contacts, to the bondo-like chemicals in his hair, to the ill-fitting (or often forgotten) girdles, that have been procured to keep this Frankenstein's monster of the right from showing his true self (and appearing like some "golden boy"), the "fake" is showing.

The man who never should have been PM (according to pundits who miraculously jumped on his side afterwards, lauding him for the past 3 years), is suddenly showing why most people think he had something to hide...

Because he does. "Scary Stephen Harper" is back.

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The Mound of Sound said...

Since you asked, yes, Stephen Harper very much believes he can get away with dishonesty. His entire approach to government is based on buying time for the public to lose interest or simply forget his machinations.

Look at the way he set up Dion with a snap election timed after the public had enjoyed a long summer break to let the scandals die down and just before the global recession hit with Canada unprepared.

So, yes, that's what Steve believes and, so far, he's been right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Gossip,gossip ,gossip. This has become he lifeblood of the Liberal Party under Mister Zhohar.

Zhohar is a phony . Family, health care, Afghanistan . You name the issue"there is no policy,NADA.