Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Federal Conservatives Rape & Pillage Rural Sask - Just like their Provincial Cousins

... And you can take both meanings of "provincial"...

Another good Ralph Goodale weekly report:


Columnist Murray Mandryk wrote a newspaper article earlier this month listing numerous examples of Conservative broken promises in Saskatchewan. He mentioned:

• the Conservative failure to deliver $850 million more to Saskatchewan every year in extra equalization payments;

• their failure to make a decent commitment to share the cost of new clean coal technology at Boundary Dam;

• their failure to contribute even one-cent to the Premier’s carbon storage project with Montana;

• the Conservative failure to support a new medical isotope facility in Saskatoon, or a new domed entertainment centre in Regina; and

• their failure to restore funding to First Nations University, even after FNUC corrected its previous problems and regained support from the provincial government.

That’s a multi-billion-dollar list of Conservative shortcomings in Saskatchewan. But it’s not complete.

For example, Mr. Harper also killed the Prairie Grain Roads Program, as well as the Saskatchewan headquarters of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). He is eliminating producer car loading rights. He failed to build a long-promised cellulose ethanol plant in Saskatchewan. And he reneged on personal commitments to victims of abuse at residential schools in Ile-a-la-Crosse and Timber Bay.

Add to this, his negligent treatment of Saskatchewan cattle producers.

During the tough conditions of recent years, cattle producers have asked only for practical changes to make “business risk management” programs more predictable, timely and bankable. They’ve suggested a reasonable new plan for “market price insurance” for cattle. And they want equal treatment with the U.S. when dealing with the aftermath of BSE disease.

But to date, the Conservatives have delivered nothing.

All this is compelling evidence that Mr. Harper takes Saskatchewan totally for granted. The Conservative monopoly over federal politics in this province gains Saskatchewan nothing – but the short-end of the stick, time and time again!

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bubba said...

Most of t6hose are liberal "dreams" not conservative promises Fixed FNUC that is a joke.Where was the promise for a domed stadium? If you are suggesting sask would be better of with a lib Gov. then you are completely off your rocker. Sure there is more to do and Sask will work with the Gov't to get the best deal we can. After 13 years of being ignored,ridiculed and insulted we finally have a voice.Our buts have never felt less invaded than the past 4 years.

Big Winnie said...

Seems to me that I've heard that line before that the CONs were short changing provinces with respect to cash...

Another good update from Mr. Goodale.