Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaffer-Gate Now Looks To Have More Government Involvement

Breaking news...

Just off Newsworld... Looks like there are quite a few Conservative Government documents (email and such) "suddenly" coming to surface (re: released from Conservative lockdown, and ONLY at the demands of Parliamentary committees because they can't afford more black eyes) that indicate LOTS of communication between Rahim Jaffer and other Conservative MPs/offices, etc.

More seriously, the emails came from Guergis' email address, and went out to Conservative Minister's offices... This means that the Conservative Government (and we use that term loosely) KNEW ABOUT JAFFER'S ILLEGAL USE OF HELENA'S OFFICE/RESOURCES. Talk about ripping off the people of Canada (or trying to). And we're not talking about peanuts here... We're talking about potential contracts worth millions of dollars - all going to benefit a former MP, and CURRENT Conservative Party member.

Does this sound like the Sponsorship Scandal? Actually, no. It's worse. It's likely worse, because senior cabinet officials were involved (Guergis for sure, but also, potentially many others).

In light of this breaking news, HOW can Deceivin' Stephen Harper continue to lie to the Canadian people, that he did not know Conservatives were making money off Canadian taxpayers? Conservative bag-man, former MP, continuing party member, and husband of (recently formered) Conservative Cabinet Minister, Helena Guergis, was quite possibly (most likely) profiting from inside links to the Conservative government... And... they seem to have KNOWN about it.

For shame.

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Anonymous said...

It would be creative if we Canadians came up with something to describe issues like the Jaffer affair. Drop the's American.

Anonymous said...

I am calling it the CONsorship Scandal!

Oemissions said...

Status of Women,eh!