Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ignatieff to Meet With Indian and Chinese Community Leaders in Richmond BC Sunday

Michael Ignatieff will be meeting with members of the Lower Mainland's Indian and Chinese communities on Sunday. WesternGrit has travelled to BC to attend this event - and hopefully gets an opportunity to discuss Iggy's opinions on such matters as the recent arrests in Toronto, and Shrub's opinion on the issue.

Word on the ground - in the Lower Mainland - is that Ignatieff has been very well received on his past few visits. The Ignatieff Team in the Vancouver area is apparently pretty well-organized, and new membership sales are going well. Ignatieff's team in the area seem to be doing particularly well in selling new memberships to former NDP voters - who seem to really like Iggy's views on social issues and the environment. The growing list of Liberal supporters include individuals who have supported many different leadership campaigns in the past.

WesternGrit will post again tomorrow night after the event.... Also hope to have some good pictures to go with the story...

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