Friday, March 09, 2007

Harper's Alberta Style Environmental Program: Give Big Oil Money & Let Them Pretend To Be Responsible

Well we always knew Harper was a mouthpiece for Big Oil. Yesterday he proved it. By giving a $150000000 "gift" to his friends in the oil industry, Harper hopes to get his environmental detractors to just "shut up" and go away. In essence, Harpo has gifted one of the richest group of transplanted Americans/pseud0-Canadians a whole lot of cash they don't deserve.

Having lived in Alberta for years one knows that all the Big Oil (and wannabe "Little Oil" guys) are die-hard (usually card-carrying) Cons - typically of the hardcore Reform variety. I spent many a day commuting to downtown Calgary on the "C-train" hearing oil-pushers preaching to each other the values of the Reform movement. God - it was almost a religion with these nut-cases. Not even the most die-hard urban Canadian Liberal can understand how angry and "preacher-like" these people are. Hateful bashing of the "East" was something you actually heard in discussions between total strangers on a daily basis. The one thing most of them seemed to have in common is kneeling at the altar of Big Oil.

Today, Harper has consolidated his position as "friend of Big Oil". He did it in a way that some regular Joe Canadians might be fooled into thinking was supportive of environmentalism. This is a very frightening move for Canadians. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that indicates that Big Oil will use this money effectively - or in any way to protect the environment. Rather, Harper's designation of funds indicates that the money will most likely be used by the industry for "studies". Hmmm... wonder what these studies will say? Oh, oh, oh!!! Mr. Kotter, I know: They will say there is no such thing as the "so-called global warming", and we need to pull out of Kyoto.

Great anti-environmental move Mr. Harper. You truly are a mad genious. True neoCon through and through. Someone please do something to stop this madman before he dismantles the very system that keeps us a "centerist" country.


HearHere said...

I don't think the money in Alberta was for "big oil". It is for a number of eco-projects including a project to use Edmonton's waste for energy generation, to retrofit a clean coal plant, and to set up a research centre to develop technology for carbon capture from large industry. All of this money is cost shared with the provinces and cities and they had to come up with the projects before they got the funds.
So, no money for big oil in Alberta. No money for the auto sector in Ontario. No money for Bombardier inQuebec. No money for potash mines in Sask.Oh well.

GritPatriot said...

The oil companies were so disgusted by Rona Ambrose that the CONs had to throw money at them to get them onside.

WesternGrit said...

Hearhere (Jonathan?) I think you may be a little "off" in your logic here. Regardless of which projects these funds are earmarked for they are being provided to the industry (sure, with matching funds provided by other GOVERNMENTS - once again, not the industry).

I think a liberal thinker would feel that industry has SOME responsibility in the mess they have helped create (sort of like big tobacco and cancer). My personal thoughts are that since the oil industry is one of the worst polluters by far, they MUST pay to be responsible corporate citizens.

The point is that Big Oil does not need any more money put into their greedy little hands by any government. Big Oil takes in RIDICULOUSLY large profits every day (more profits in a day than most industries generate in a month, or even a year in some cases)...