Friday, September 18, 2009

US Health Crisis: More Dead Than 15 9-11 Attacks

That's right.

A well-documented, and obviously very thorough, Harvard University study has shown that 45,000 AMERICANS DIE EVERY YEAR BECAUSE THEY HAVE POOR (OR NO) HEALTH INSURANCE.

To put that perspective, THAT EQUALS OVER 15 SEPT 11 ATTACKS!!!

You would think America would have a sense of "urgency" in dealing with this. Maybe even a "War On Insurance Companies & Adjunct Health 'providers'"?

It is truly repugnant, and quite frightening actually, to see how the Conservative media is able to bury a greater tragedy that occurs over and over, and over, again - every year - in an effort to protect the very people who own and sit on the boards of the media conglomerates: the insurance companies.

Insurance and "Big Corporate MedCos" are pumping millions (nay, billions) into advertising, lobbying, and generally paying off politicians (campaign donations, etc.). Money impacts public opinion, and today, in America, millions of "less informed" people are duped into opposing healthcare reform. It is so disgusting, that people without jobs, and people without health insurance themselves, find themselves in the protests.

Mass delusion. Mass idiocy? The dumbing down of America continues.

Just remember this one fact: More people die from a horrible health care system in the US every year, than 15 Sept 11th attacks. A true shame, bankrolled by the big insurance and health "care" companies... who continue to pad their own, and conservative politicians' pockets.


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