Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don Martin Thinks Reform-a-Tories (The Bumper-Sticker Party of Canada) Are Happy?

Highly unlikely.

Don Martin is way off. Having grown up and lived on the Prairies for 40 years of my life, I saw the vitriolic rise of the Reform Party. They are a "bumper-sticker party", and their bumper sticker had 3 causes on it:

1) No to the gun registry

2) No to the Senate

3) No to the Wheat Board

That's it.

That's all this current crop of so-called "conservatives" have ever been about. If anyone thinks there weren't NRA talons attached to the Conservatives hides on this, you're dead wrong. In gun shows on the Prairies in the early 90s the NRA stamp was everywhere (as were Reform rank-and-file and MPs).

Like one commenter said, losing this does not help them. They've already logged all the more vitriolic of their flag-carriers. The debate has actually done more to galvanize the gun control groups.

Low-brow, lowest-common-denominator politics fueled by a bumper-sticker campaign. If you don't believe the bumper-sticker comments, go to the home of the bumper sticker party, where you can STILL see the bumper stickers to this very day...

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CanadianSense said...

Can you point me to the Reform Party as a Federal Party option?

Elections Canada website does not have any "reform party" candidates in 2004, 2006, 2008.

I could not find any in 2009. Do you think they will be running in 2010?

WesternGrit said...

Thanks, Canadian"Sense", for the levity inducing remark of the day. It's obviously the best answer you guys have.

Apparently all the Reformers are out trying to threaten NDP and rural Liberal MPs, or this blog - and many others on LiBlogs would have been overrun with crazy gun-nut Reeeeeform-a-Tory retorts over the past few days...

Still looking for more "bumper-sticker-esque" comments for our blog to publish!!! Please keep sending them in...

ps: If you're not as brave and forthright as "CanadianSense" and come in anony-"mouse"-ly, your comment has "Steven Harper's Chance of A Majority" of being published... Oh... and we continue to track IPs.. There is one Anon we are particularly interested in... Keep posting your (unpublished) comments - my friend??? Lol...

CanadianSense said...

Your are welcome.

This is not about the West or Rural wedge politics.

I am on record for a long time about a shift in Central Canada voters.

Many of us get distracted by push polls telling us this is a horse race between the CPC-LIBS.

I happen to believe 26.3% in 2008 was not the bottom.

I also did not blame Dion,Martin, RCMP, media buys are the reason why Liberals lost support.

Voters are not single issue pawns for the media and strategists to manipulate.

Remember the experts said about the Tea Party in the US?

Canadians are feeling pressure from taxes, fees and BS. (Rob Ford "tax fighter" vs Liberal Toronto)

Which politicians are raising taxes, fees and who is reducing them? Is your political party on the wrong side?

You are free to log my IP and track my visits.

In my own mind I am very funny.

CanadianSense said...

I rarely have visited this site. I find too many Liberals prefer to engage personal attacks instead of debating the opinion/issue on the blog.

You might be shocked to know many Liberals think if you don't share their world view you must be stupid or evil.

WesternGrit said...

Thanks for the comments CS. And, I wasn't referring to you with my comments about the Reformers being out there trying to scare Lib and NDP MPs...

marie said...

CS; I rarely have visited this site. I find too many Liberals prefer to engage personal attacks instead of debating the opinion/issue on the blog.

Pot calling kettle black CS? Sounds to me like the Reformatories puppets are not too happy these days and are running scared by the remarks coming from them and there culy government.

Where do you rank in all of this CS?

Happy Thanks Giving to all.