Monday, November 01, 2010

Sask Con MPs Mute & Neutered...

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A crucial decision will be made this week about Saskatchewan’s potash industry. Will control over this strategic resource remain in Canadian hands, or will it be sold out to foreigners?

Whatever the answer turns out to be, one thing is clear – Saskatchewan’s 13 Conservative Members of Parliament have been “missing-in-action” through this whole historic debate, refusing to promote Saskatchewan’s cause!

Once again they’ve proven that when political issues become important and difficult, you can count on one thing for sure – your Conservative MP’s will be absent!

They stay out of sight until Stephen Harper tells them what to think, and then they dutifully behave like his mouthpieces in Saskatchewan, not Saskatchewan’s voices in Ottawa. It’s really quite demeaning.

The negligence of Conservative MP’s on the potash issue is the most recent and most serious example of their failure to stand-up and be counted for Saskatchewan. But it’s by no means the only one.

They did nothing to help repair First Nations University.

They won’t lift a finger on clinical trials of “liberation therapy” for MS sufferers.

When farmers needed help to survive this year’s incredible flooding, Conservatives settled for a chiseling $18 per acre (when production costs were more like $150 per acre) and livestock producers continue to be shut-out.

When municipalities needed help with unrealistic deadlines on infrastructure projects, Conservatives lectured them on being untrustworthy, bad managers.

Your Conservative MP’s let Mr. Harper kill the PFRA, underfund Saskatchewan’s carbon capture and storage technology, and renege on a cellulose ethanol plant, a police research centre, an all-weather entertainment complex … the list goes on.

And then there’s “the mother of all broken promises”: Where’s the $800 million every year that Stephen Harper solemnly promised to Saskatchewan from Equalization?

A Conservative political monopoly in Saskatchewan actually damages this province’s clout.

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WhigWag said...

Yeah, and this after all Candice Heoppner's sanctimonious BS during the gun registry vote about how the rural NDP & Lib MPs were betraying their duty to represent their constituents' true wishes.