Saturday, January 07, 2012

Liberals Moment Coming...

A dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, Ralph Goodale has a good assessment of the future of the Liberal Party:


Looking back, politically, Liberals will likely remember 2011 as an “annus horribilis” (to quote the Queen), but our focus must be forward – on 2012 and beyond.

Right after the May 2nd election, the Party was naturally flummoxed. But with time and thought, perspective was regained.

We looked hard at the numbers. They weren’t flattering, but they did NOT constitute some great “Conservative conversion”. Barely 60% of eligible voters actually made it to the polls, and only 40% voted Conservative. So the government’s so-called “big mandate” represents just 24% of the total electorate.

Furthermore, the outcome was heavily influenced by two unusual factors that are unlikely to recur – the extraordinary surge for Jack Layton in Quebec, and the reaction to that surge (both for and against) in Ontario that produced many odd vote splits.

So the arithmetic doesn’t preclude a Liberal revival. But recovery won’t come from wishful thinking. We need to work harder and with more imagination than ever before.

That effort is underway. Memberships and fundraising are both up. A national convention in mid-January will continue structural renewal.

In Parliament, Liberal leader Bob Rae outshines all the rest. Our Caucus is smaller, but it’s experienced and cohesive, with a constructive attitude. The election was what it was. We’ve taken its lessons to heart. Now, we need to look ahead with goodwill, good humour and good ideas, to re-earn the public’s trust.

There’s both “room” and “need” for an attractive alternative to the harsh two-way polarization advocated by both Mr. Harper and the NDP.

This country is too complex, nuanced and decent to be content for long with the wedge politics of fear, greed, envy and anger – politics designed to drive people apart.

Canadians will look for leadership that can rise above such mediocrity, inspire confidence, and pull people together to reach higher goals.

Liberals need to be ready.

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bocanut said...

How can two simultaneous political surges directly affect each other?

bocanut said...

Please explain how the Jack Layton Quebec surge simultaneously affected Ontario?

WesternGrit said...

Any political observer understands how history has shown savvy Ontario voters mirroring patterns in Ontario. Experts believe this occurs as most Ontarians realize how much the economic and political well-being of their province relies on the political choices of the Quebequois...

Anonymous said...

I have been a Liberal, as were my parents, for many years,,I am not a fan of the Ndp(especially Ontario Ndp) and did not admire MrLayton as I never forgave him for voting down Mr.Martin but after following numerous pollsters who I now consider fraudsters...I voted NDP may 2.2011 in order to stop Conservatives in Ontario which backfired and gave him a majority. Added to that the arrogance of Michael Ignatieff when speaking to Mr.Layton dumbfounded me...he said to Mr Layton that his party had never been in power and treated him badly in several of his speeches. Now I did not believe in Mr.Laytons sainthood profile but thought he had just about the same chance as anyone else in a democracy. The next time something like this happens..I will not vote. signed Grampa