Saturday, May 19, 2012


Election overturned due to "irregularities".

Just think about that for a while. In Canada.

We used to only hear about this type of stuff in 3rd World dictatorships. Our troops and police go overseas to supervise elections to prevent this type of stuff.

Shameful and embarrassing day for Canada.

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The Rat said...

No, we always hear about irregularities it's just in this case the margin of victory was so low that the irregularities became significant. It's incredibly ironic that Liberals fought so hard against any suggestion of tightening the voter identification laws saying, among other things, the incidence was so low yet here they are trying to overturn an election based on those same irregularities they were so willing to accept just a few months ago.

DFH said...

Irregularities? Ya. That's what they're callin' it today. Never met a Con interested in a level playing field, yet. I mean, from my experience, anecdotally, the only way they can win, is cheat.