Thursday, July 06, 2006

Not Canadian Values Shrub!!!

Harper to American press conference: "We are backing exactly the same kind of values..."

This is just plain disgusting. Stephen Harper candidly tells American reporters and Dubya that Americans and Canadians are "backing EXACTLY the same kind of values". What??? Yes, we are kind of similar in a few ways, but we think we're all intelligent enough to see the clear difference between our American cousins and us.

Now remember the Air Farce "remix" of Rahim Jaffer saying "I lied"? We're sure as hell hoping that we see some sort of imagery of Harper making this outlandish claim on his visit to DC.

Now if Shrub had said similar values, or even "we're neighbors and best friends", yes..., but the only people who have the same values as the Yank neoCons is Canadian neo-Cons. Yeah, a lot of Canadians voted Conservative, but we know for a fact that most of them did not even know the Cons' true values/ideology. They also only had 36% of the popular vote. Most Canadians - as we all know - disagree with Shrub's stand on Kyoto, Iraq, Afghanistan, Missle Defence, Health Care, Day Care (or no daycare), and tax cuts... Face it - he won by drumming on about one issue - Gomery. Won't happen again.



Bud said...

"Face it - he won by drumming on about one issue - Gomery. Won't happen again."

How do you account for the numbers of Canadians who like what the government is doing now. An even higher percentage than at the last election want the Conservatives to govern. And it has nothing to do with Gomery.

Kyoto: Even Liberals have said the goals weren't attainable. (documented evidence)

Afghanastan: Liberals committed to going there.

Missle Defence: Paul Martin and the Liberals were going to sign the agreement. Stephen Harper did not even bring it up with George Bush.

Health Care: We have the longest wait times in Canadian history . . . and created under the Liberal watch.

Daycare: There was no agreement, only a transfer of money to the provinces to be used for whatever project they wanted. Manitoba for example said they would use the money to increase salaries for daycare workers . . . no new spaces. Since the election Manitoba has added well over 1000 new day care spaces . . . without government hand outs.

Tax Cuts? I thought Liberals were screaming because they planned to give tax cuts but the Conservatives were't cutting taxes enough. Funny that Conservatives have always been accused by Liberals of cutting taxes too much. Now it's the right thing to do?

Face it, people are not pleased with where the country was going under the left leaning government. It wasn't Gomery who pushed the Liberals out of power. It was the Conservative;s 5 point clearly laid out plan that won that election.

And here's something no Liberal government can ever say . . . the Conservatives actually came through with their promises,

Get used to watching from the sidelines.

WesternGrit said...

Just love those recent polls! Canada is a LIBERAL/MODERATE country. Period.