Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Conservatives Will Never Understand Foreign Affairs

This photo pretty much illustrates how conservatives react to excesses of the US-led global military-industrial complex... Yup, just ignore that which pads the pockets of our friends - including some of our cabinet.

The invasion of a state to capture what basically amounts to criminals... The killing of innocent civilians. Even the deaths of Canadian soldiers (apparently targetted by AWACs advisors, due to their blue UNis) and civilian women and children. Scores of dead civilians in Lebanon. None of this bothers the Cons.

What if this occured elsewhere? What if the Brits decided to saturation bomb Ireland because of a few Sin Fein/PIRA "terrorists" hiding out there? It wouldn't have happened (mostly due to a sensible pre-Iraq foreign policy in GB). It probably wouldn't have happened because the victims would be other civilized Western folk...

Do we all see the idiocy of the conservative way? The sheer stupidity of the mid-East conflict (basically 2 conservative groups at loggerheads)? How it will only continue to breed hate and contempt? Do we realize how all conservatives really want is to sell weapons and oil, and make sure we don't raise or spend taxes for much else? Conservatives spend their learning years focusing on the "financial equation", never bothering to learn about the real world around them. Now we see the fruits of their lack of concern for the world around them: environmental collapse, privatization of essential services, starvation of world populations (thanks to colonialist policies of conservative western nations), endless wars in the third world, and only "concern" where it matters to the bottom line - be this oil reserves or corporate benefit.

Whew! And I actually consider myself to be a capitalist of some sort!


EX-NDIP said...

Like Bill Graham understands anything???
Liberals have dropped the ball on foreign affairs for decades . . . by underfunding the military and ignoring what is going on in the world hoping bad things will just go away. By allowing criminals and terrorists to set up shop within Canada's borders.
Give you head a shake . . . radical Islam has been causing trouble in the world for 1300 years . . . in the last 30 years there have been numerous attacks, bombings etc. So you just want to pretend it didn't happen, or its someone else made them do it . . . soo liberal. Liberal policies will guarantee that we follow the trail the French have followed.
Every peace deal in the middle east in the last 50 years has been broken by the Arabs . . . they cannot be trusted, and when the one democracy in the middle east defends itself from these terrorists you get all upset. Where the hell were you when the school busses were being blown up in Jewish cities, or the SS Cole was attacked, or the London Subway was bombed??? The world is a dangerous place, wake up!!!
Bush is doing a great job . . . there have been no terrorist attacks in the US, and Canada has been fortunate too. Did you not hear the Al Queda clown threatening the world . . . on TV . . . yesterday???? That includes YOU!!! When do you wake up, when the curved sword is at your throat???
Canada's foreign policy is much better today than in the last 13 years. The military is getting stronger and we are telling it like it is . . . not as liberals wish it was . . . It is much easier to negotiate from a position of strength than one of weakness.

Liberal Pebbles said...

Awacs do not target ground installations. JSTARS do.

WesternGrit said...

"Position of strength versus weakness". How positively juvenile an interpretation of foreign affairs. Having travelled the world, I have a pretty good idea what the world opinion of Canada was (under Trudeau and Cretien), and what it is now...