Thursday, September 14, 2006

SNL's Norm MacDonald - Peter McKay "Crocodile F#cker"

Apparently Peter "the Great" has a new nickname... Seen in the picture to the left, Peter could hardly control his enthusiasm for his new American best friend.

Throughout history royal families of neighboring kingdoms would "hook up" their kids to ensure peace and prosperity, while ensuring continued in-breeding. With the recent goings on between Condi and Peetie, and the Conservative government's kissing up to the US cousins, it remains a curiousity as to who will be f#ing whom...

Norm MacDonald hit it right on the head tonight - on the Daily Show - when he stated "that guy will f#ck anything...", then added "there was a rumor going around Canada a few years ago that he f#cks crocodiles... Norm (a Canadian by birth) continued to roast/toast Peetie and Condi, while host Jon Stewart was ROFL...

Crocodile F#cker... Hehehe... Norm MacDonald is truly a funny guy. Wonder what he would dub PM Cartman???

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wilson61 said...

"that guy will f#ck anything...",

doesn't say much for Belinduh, does it?