Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ignatieff Triumphs in Calgary SW (Shrub's Back Yard)

(Calgary, Sept 30 2006) Michael Ignatieff won the Calgary SW delegate balloting by one delegate at a joint meeting for Calgary South and SW. A 3-way tie topped the Calgary SE results (Ignatieff, Dion, Kennedy had 4 each; Ray=1)

The results from the riding:
Ignatieff 5
Dion 4
Kennedy 4
Brison 0
Dryden 0
Hall F. 0
Rae 0
Volpe 0
A sign of the cameraderie between the various camps, the local Rae scrutineer shook hands with everyone prior to leaving, and wished everyone well. After all ballots were counted and certified, scrutineers and agents for Ignatieff, Dion, and Kennedy shared beers and talked politics. Stories were shared about campaigns past. A common theme was the need to defeat Harper in the next election.

The voting day went very smoothly. There were no arguments, and all was handled appropriately from the organizational level. There were some fun barbs traded between several representatives of the various camps - all resulting in incredible mirth.

WesternGrit has to say, this Liberal hopes all the DSMs go this way. Here's to Canada! Here's to the Liberal Party of Canada!


jnpliberal said...

I would hardly call getting one more delegate than another candidate a "triumph".

On the other hand, Ignatieff got kicked in Calgary Nosehill. Kennedy won 7 delegates and Ignatieff won 3. Now that is a clear victory.

WesternGrit said...

Like I used to say to players on opposing teams in my school football days... Take a look at the big scoreboard over there...

; )

Psychols said...

Thanks for posting the Calgary SW results. I voted at noon and the atmosphere was positive and friendly.

My man Stephane may not have won, but 4 delegates is pretty respectable. I'm happy.

Gregory D. Morrow said...

Your results only add to 13, so you are missing 1 delegate from each riding. Can you confirm the missing delegates?

WesternGrit said...

Hi there,
There were only 13 delegates elected in SW due to some quirk in the rules that manage the balloting. Something about not having a youth female (or was that male) with enough votes from one camp to slot into another position. Some weird thing like that resulted in the software indicating that only 13 delegates qualified.

Prior to the DSMs we were instructed that all sides should have a full number of possible delegates, since having a vacancy in one area could be bad if your candidate, for example, was alotted 5 spots (based on votes for leader), but you didn't have the person to fill the last slot (say, a senior female).

Interesting rules. Sorry, but I wasn't sure about the rest of Calgary SE's numbers. Please also note that all figures do get confirmed by the LPCA...